Aloma's Famworld

As a language experience in English, my level wasn't great to begin with but I later improved.
A little background

This Summer, 12 year old Aloma embarked on her first Famworld. Traveling all the way from Barcelona, Aloma spent four vibrant weeks in County Wicklow with the Sheane ní Éigeartaigh Host Family .

Why Famworld
I chose Famworld because of all the companies I googled, they seemed the most family-friendly, the most welcoming, the browsing page to search for host families was very easy to use, and there were many options to choose from.

Aloma's mum, Maria José, had researched many hosting companies in Ireland and found Famworld to be the most inviting and family-friendly site. She was able to browse for suitable host families with ease and found there was no shortage of great families to choose from.

A member of the Famworld team supported Maria José through the entire decision making process and was there to address all of her concerns such as Aloma's level of English, airlines and flights, dietary restrictions and means of communication during Aloma's stay. Maria José also shared her preferences regarding a suitable host family for Aloma - namely requesting a big family, living in a more rural area and who loved animals - all of which we were able to satisfy.

Expectations vs Reality
The experience greatly exceeded all of our expectations.

Maria José maintained constant communication with both the Famworld team and the Sheane ní Éigeartaigh Host Family leading up to Aloma's flight. Once Aloma arrived in Ireland, she was warmly embraced by and her new Irish host family and quickly adapted to life in Ireland.

Aloma sent regular updates of all the fun she was having, as well as how kind her host family was towards her.

Despite missing Aloma, Maria José was comforted knowing that her daughter was having a great time and that she was making noticeable progress in her spoken English.

Take a look below at some of Aloma's most memorable moments from her trip, including her favourite memories of the times spent horse riding and playing games with her host siblings.

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