Ensuring a safe & happy homestay for your Child

We have safeguards in place to keep you children safe when they travel abroad

Child Protection.

At Famworld we are committed to keeping all children who participate in our programmes safe from harm and this is reflected in everything we do.

Our policies and procedures to safeguard children are underpinned by the Children First Act 2015

All Famworld staff are Police Vetted, undergo Child Protection training and know how to recognize, respond to and report on any concerns which may arise.

All host families who we use in the provision of our services are police vetted and vetted by us - each family receive a personal home visit from a Famworld team member. Many of our families have hosted for us in the past and are known to us personally.

Famworld's standards are also in line with AEGIS, which is the governing body in the UK for Educational Guardianship organizations.

As a result, parents can be confident that best practices are followed to the highest standard.

Contact us to view our child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Statement.