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Giorgia Famworld Immersion Trip
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Irene Famworld Immersion Trip
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How Famworld works

How Famworld works

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Families for all occasions

With each experience, your child will find a trusted host family that will become their home away from home.


Immerse yourself into Irish family life. Spend your days in local summer camps or partaking in family activities.

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Experience the life of an Irish student while practicing English and broadening your horizons.

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Explore Ireland while undertaking an internship.

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Base Hosting

In need of a trusted source of accommodation? Look no further. Our families provide the perfect home away from home.

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A tale of two families

Famworld was founded by two tight-knit families who realised young people should be able to explore the world freely and safely.

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Hosting has never been easier. With Famworld you have complete control over who you host and when you host. With Famworld you host on your terms.
Famworld host families are supported from the moment they sign up as a host family to the moment they stop hosting students. We have staff available day and night to answer any questions and help deal with any issues that may arise.

Feel at home, no matter where you come from