Terms and Conditions.

Welcome to Famworld. These Terms and Conditions ("T&Cs") govern your use of the Platform. By accessing or using Famworld, you agree to comply with and be bound by these T&Cs. Please read them carefully.

1. Introduction and Definitions

1.1 Definitions

- "Famworld" refers to the entirety of the Famworld ecosystem, comprising the website (https://famworld.com), its related subdomains, mobile applications, the services offered to Users, and the company's internal processes and operations. Famworld collectively encompasses all online and mobile platforms, services, and functions provided by Famworld, as well as the policies and procedures governing its operations.

- "User," "You," or "Your" refers to any individual or entity accessing or using the Platform and service.

- "Host Family" refers to registered families offering accommodations and related services through the Platform.

- "Student" refers to registered minors seeking accommodations and trip experiences through the Platform.

- "Parent" refers to the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of a registered Student.

- "Booking" refers to the arrangement made between a Student and a Host Family for a planned stay.

- "Content" refers to text, images, reviews, and any other materials available on the Platform.

1.2 Purpose and Scope

These T&Cs outline the terms and conditions governing the use of Famworld and the relationship between Users and Famworld. They cover the booking process, responsibilities, payments, cancellations, safety, privacy, and other essential matters. Users must accept these T&Cs to use the Platform and service.

2. Booking Process

2.1 Registration and Profile Creation

- To participate in Famworld's services, all Users are required to complete an online registration process and create a profile. During this registration, Users must provide essential information, including personal details, contact information and any special requirements. Additionally, Users are requested to submit specific documentation, which may include items such as a recent photo, a copy of their passport, and, where applicable, the European Health Insurance Card.

- By registering and creating a profile, Users acknowledge their commitment to adhere to Famworld's terms and conditions and agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

- Famworld reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the information provided during registration and profile creation to maintain the safety and integrity of our service.

2.2 Hosting Agreements

- To be considered for a hosting arrangement,Famworld requires that the Student is under the age of 18, and that the Host Family undergoes a thorough vetting process as part of their registration and profile creation. These stringent requirements are in place to ensure the safety and quality of our service.

- Host Families have the option to simultaneously host Students of different native languages, with separate rooms, unless mutually arranged otherwise. Famworld is committed to preserving a diverse and inclusive atmosphere within the homes of its Host Families, fostering opportunities for cultural exchange and educational experiences.

- Famworld operates as a neutral platform that enables Users to engage in hosting agreements. Although we offer services to facilitate these agreements, it is crucial to understand that the agreement itself is solely between the involved Users - namely the Host Family and the Parent. Famworld is not a direct party to such agreements, even if either party has obligations towards Famworld related to the agreement.

- Users acknowledge that any legal actions or disputes arising from an agreement, such as issues related to non-payment, misconduct by Students or Host Families, or the quality of the stay, should be directed against the relevant User involved and not against Famworld. This holds true regardless of any provisions to the contrary in this agreement or on our website.

- By agreeing to these terms and conditions, participants acknowledge that Famworld will use its best efforts to facilitate placements while also respecting the autonomy, diversity and cultural experiences that our platform offers. 

2.3 Flight Arrangements

- Famworld does not book flights for Students, and the cost of flights is not included in the booking fees. It is the responsibility of Parents to arrange flights to and from the host destination, and to advise of flight details at least 6 weeks in advance of arrival, except in the case of late applications.

- Famworld assures that upon arrival and departure, Host Families will be present at the airport to warmly greet Students and see them off, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon.

- By accepting these terms and conditions, participants acknowledge the importance of coordinating their own flight arrangements and understand the arrangements in place for Student arrival and departure as described above.

3. Responsibilities of Host Families

3.1 Accommodation

- Host Families agree to provide suitable accommodation for the Student for the entire duration of their stay. This includes offering a private room and bed to the Student unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon.

- Host Families may host Students of different native languages simultaneously. Separate rooms are to be provided for each Student unless otherwise agreed upon.

- To enhance the cultural exchange experience, there will never be two Students of the same nationality in a Host Family's home at the same time, unless in special trip cases where this has been previously agreed upon.

- Host Families are expected to provide necessary amenities to ensure the Student's comfort and well-being. This includes access to facilities such as bathroom and kitchen areas, as well as any additional amenities agreed upon.

- Host Families agree to provide regular meals to the Student(s). These meals should align with expectations and outlined dietary restrictions.

3.2 Safety and Background Checks

- The safety and well-being of our Students are paramount at Famworld. Host Families play a crucial role in providing a secure and nurturing environment for our young guests.

- To ensure a safe and enriching experience, Host Families are required to undergo background checks as part of our rigorous screening process. This includes both police vetting and Famworld vetting. These checks are essential to confirm the suitability of Host Families for hosting Students.

- Host Families must maintain a safe and secure home environment for Students. This includes addressing any safety hazards, ensuring working smoke detectors, and providing a secure place for personal belongings.

- Host Families should be prepared for unexpected situations. This includes having a clear emergency plan, providing Students with emergency contact information, and ensuring they know the evacuation procedures in case of fire or other emergencies.

- Open and transparent communication is essential. Host Families should communicate any house rules related to safety, such as curfews. Additionally, any concerns or incidents related to safety should be promptly reported to Famworld.

- Host Families should be sensitive to cultural differences and make efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for Students from diverse backgrounds.

- Host families are required to consistently monitor messages from Parents and to promptly respond to such enquiries.

4. Responsibilities of Students

- Students must respect and adhere to the house rules established by the Host Family, including rules related to curfews, chores, and other household responsibilities.

- Students must respect the property of their Host Family and must conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible manner, refraining from any behaviour that may disrupt the harmony of the household or pose a risk to themselves or others.

- Famworld reserves the right to abruptly end the stay of any Student who consumes alcohol, breaks the law, or engages in dangerous or inappropriate behaviour which puts their safety or the safety of others at risk. No refund will be provided in these circumstances.

- Students must respect the privacy and personal space of the Host Family members and other residents in the household. 

5. Financials

5.1 Payment Terms

- All prices and fees associated with Famworld are quoted in Euro (EUR), unless otherwise specified.

- Upon booking, a refundable deposit equivalent to 50% of the total program cost is required. This deposit secures your booking. The remaining balance must be paid in full at least 4 weeks before the scheduled arrival date.

- In cases where bookings are made within 6 weeks or less of the intended arrival date, the full booking fee is due at the time of booking to confirm the trip.

- To maintain the integrity and security of financial transactions, it is expressly stipulated that all payments, including deposits and balances, shall be transacted exclusively through Famworld's designated payment platform. This stipulation is intended to safeguard the interests and protect the rights of both the User and Famworld, ensuring a secure and reliable payment process for all parties involved.

- We may at any time and with due notice change our prices. The new rate takes effect if you make or renew any payment after we post the new prices on our Platform.

5.2 Cancellation and Refunds

- Famworld offers a full refund for trip cancellations up to one day in advance of the Student's scheduled arrival

- It is important to note that no refund is available for camp bookings. Camps are independently run by local third-party providers, and Famworld does not have control over their refund policies. Refunds for camp bookings are therefore not within our jurisdiction.

- To secure a booking, full payment must be received by the due date specified in the booking details. Failure to meet this deadline may result in the cancellation of your booking at our discretion.

- Famworld understands that unforeseen circumstances can arise. In cases of exceptional circumstances leading to the withdrawal of a Student from a trip before the scheduled finish date, please contact us to discuss your situation. While we aim to be flexible and accommodating, refunds in these circumstances will be highly unlikely.

- Upon cancellations and authorised refunds, Famworld will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and not later than 14 days after the day on which we are informed about the decision to cancel a paid agreement.

- Reimbursements will be made using the same means of payment as a Parent used for the initial transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed. In any event, Users will not incur any additional fees as a result of the reimbursement.

6. Safety and Security

- At Famworld, the safety and security of our Students and their families are paramount. We are dedicated to providing a secure and supportive environment for all Users.

- Famworld is committed to offering 24/7 support and assistance to Students, Parents and Host Families.

- Famworld has established comprehensive emergency protocols to address unexpected situations that may arise during the program. We maintain a network of contacts and resources to respond swiftly and effectively to any emergency.

- Effective communication is a vital component of ensuring safety. Famworld encourages Students, Host Families, and Parents to maintain open lines of communication with our team. If you encounter any challenges, concerns, or safety-related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at + 353 87 621 2902.

7. Privacy and Data Protection

- In adherence to strict data protection regulations, Famworld is committed to safeguarding the personal data of its Users. Famworld collects relevant personal information during the application process, such as name, contact details, passport information, and health-related details, solely for the purpose of facilitating your participation in our programs. This information is securely stored and accessible only to authorised personnel involved in trip management and support.

- Personal data will be used exclusively for trip-related activities, including but not limited to suggesting suitable Host Families, arranging transportation, and ensuring Student safety and well-being during their stay. Famworld may also share necessary information with trusted third parties, such as insurance providers, to fulfil our obligations and ensure security.

- Famworld may employ User information for marketing purposes, including sending promotional emails, newsletters, and other marketing materials. Users reserve the right to opt-in or opt-out of marketing communications at any time.

- Famworld fully complies with all applicable data protection laws and regulations, and we have implemented rigorous measures to protect User data from unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Users have the right to access, update, or request the deletion of their personal information in accordance with applicable laws. By using the Famworld platform and services, Users consent to the collection, storage, and use of their data as outlined herein.

- Users recognise and consent to the processing of their personal information in compliance with the provisions delineated in the Famworld privacy and cookies policy which can be found here https://famworld.com/privacy-policy. Please be advised that this policy is subject to periodic modifications.

- User accounts on Famworld are designated for exclusive personal use and are not transferable. Users are strictly prohibited from authorising or allowing any other individual to utilise their account. It is the responsibility of Users to exercise reasonable care in safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality of their password and other account or identity information.

- If Users suspect any breach of security, such as password loss, theft, misuse, or unauthorised disclosure or use, Users must promptly notify Famworld. Users bear responsibility for any third parties who access their account or identity, except in cases where Famworld are at fault to a certain extent.

8. Dispute Resolution

- At Famworld, we prioritise open communication and positive experiences for both our Host Families and Students. In the unlikely event of any disagreements or issues during a trip, the dedicated Famworld team are here to assist and mediate to the best of our abilities and will aim to foster understanding and resolution through constructive dialogue.

- The Famworld dispute resolution process begins with open communication between the involved parties, where we encourage Students, Parents and Host Families to express their concerns and viewpoints. The Famworld team will actively listen and work impartially to find an equitable solution that aligns with the best interests of all parties involved.

- Famworld aims to mediate disputes in a fair and timely manner, with the intention of preserving the positive aspects of a Student’s cultural exchange experience. While we strive for amicable resolutions, note that in certain cases, more serious measures may be required. 

9. Insurance and Medical Emergencies

- Famworld prioritises the well-being and health of our Students, and we take steps to ensure that Students are covered in the event of medical emergencies.

- Insurance coverage is included as part of a trip booking with Famworld. For specific details of the insurance policy, a copy of the policy schedule is available upon request. We understand the importance of having the right coverage, and we want to ensure that you have access to the necessary support in case of unforeseen medical circumstances.

- For Students travelling from an EU country, it is advisable to carry a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card can be valuable in accessing healthcare services within the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. Famworld advises that Students and Parents familiarise themselves with the usage and benefits of the EHIC before a trip.

- In the unfortunate event that a Student falls ill during the program, any medical costs incurred are the responsibility of the Student's Parents. If applicable, these costs can be claimed back through the insurance policy. It is important to keep receipts and documentation of medical expenses for the claims process.

- Famworld is committed to assisting Students in medical emergencies and ensuring that they receive the necessary care. The Famworld  team is available to provide guidance and support in such situations. We encourage all participants to have a clear understanding of their insurance coverage and to carry any required documentation for medical purposes.

10. Liability

- Famworld acts only as an agent between its Students, Parents and Host Families.

- Famworld accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, illness, or accident suffered by any party - Student, Parent or Host Family -  during a trip, however caused.

- Famworld nor the Host Family is responsible for a Student’s personal possessions.

- Students accept full financial responsibility for any damage caused by them to the Host Family’s property and/or possessions unless otherwise waived by the Host Family.

11. Termination of Arrangements

- Famworld places great emphasis on the safety, well-being, and positive experiences of its Users, and are dedicated to maintaining a respectful and secure environment throughout. In certain circumstances, it may become necessary to terminate arrangements.

- Famworld may terminate arrangements if either the Host Family or the Student breaches the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement, such as engaging in inappropriate behaviour, violating house rules, or any other actions that compromise safety or the quality of the experience.

- In cases where the safety or well-being of the Student or Host Family is at risk due to unforeseen circumstances, Famworld reserves the right to terminate the arrangement to ensure the immediate safety of all parties involved. A thorough investigation will ensue to evade reoccurrence of such circumstances where possible. Famworld equally reserves the right to relocate a Student to another Host Family in the unlikely event of an emergency at the Host Family's Home or when it is considered in the best interests of the Student.

- Famworld retains the right to terminate a hosting agreement at its sole discretion and without incurring any liability to either party. Such termination may occur through email notice to both parties, and it shall transpire under the following conditions:

a) If either party becomes the subject of a complaint;
b) If Famworld possesses reason to believe that either party has violated the terms of this agreement or any other agreement with Famworld;
c) If Famworld has grounds to believe that such action is necessary to safeguard the interests of its Users or of Famworld itself.

In these situations, Famworld holds full discretion concerning whether or not to issue a refund, in whole or in part, of the Booking Fee.

- If a User engages in illegal activities or actions that are deemed ethically unacceptable during a trip, this will likely lead to the termination of arrangements.

- While termination is a last resort, Famworld prioritises the safety and comfort of all its Users. Famworld will work diligently to address any issues that arise before considering termination. Our aim is to create a welcoming and enriching cultural exchange experience, and we expect all Users to contribute positively to this goal.

12. Reviews and Testimonials

- At Famworld, we acknowledge the significance of feedback from our participants, encompassing Host Families and Students, as an instrumental tool for enhancing our services and upholding rigorous standards. While we may solicit reviews or testimonials from our participants and their parents, it is essential to underscore that there exists no binding obligation or incentive to furnish such feedback.

- User feedback, if provided, will be used for the purposes of improving our services, marketing efforts, and providing potential Users with a better understanding of what to expect. Famworld ensures that any reviews or testimonials collected are moderated to maintain authenticity and impartiality.

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

- In the event of any legal disputes or disagreements arising from the use of our services and participation in our programs, the governing law shall be the laws of the host country, and any legal actions or proceedings shall be brought exclusively in the courts of said country. 

- By agreeing to these terms and conditions, Users consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the relevant courts, and waive any objections to such jurisdiction or venue on the grounds of forum non-conveniens or any other basis.

14. Force Majeure

- Famworld shall not be held responsible for any disruptions, delays, or cancellations of services, including but not limited to travel, accommodation, or activities, caused by circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, governmental actions, labour strikes, or any other force majeure events. 

- In such cases, Famworld will make reasonable efforts to mitigate the impact on participants but shall not be liable for any financial or other consequences resulting from such events.

15. Use of our Platform/Service

- Famworld grants Users a limited personal right to use our Platform subject to these terms and conditions.

- Famworld stipulates that registration as a User on our Platform is open to individuals aged 18 and above, however, we maintain that trip experiences provided are strictly for Students under 18 years of age. Parents or legal guardians are welcome to register on behalf of their children, and the process for registering host families is to be undertaken by the adults within the family. 

- Famworld reserves the right to exercise discretion in evaluating and potentially declining your application to become a User on our platform.

- Users agree to not disclose any personal information or contact details to another User until a hosting agreement has been reached.

- It is imperative that Users guarantee the accuracy and truthfulness of all contact, payment, and any other details provided to Famworld. Additionally, Users must commit to keeping this information up-to-date to ensure its continued accuracy.

- Users are expected to adhere to any guidelines or requirements outlined in the FAQ section and other areas of our website. It is essential that Users promptly follow any reasonable request or instruction issued by Famworld concerning the service, including any requests related to our verification procedures.

- Users are strictly prohibited from making off-platform arrangements or agreements with other Users for accommodations. All hosting arrangements between registered Users must be conducted exclusively through the Famworld website, which mandates the utilisation of Famworld's communication tools for facilitating such interactions.

- Famworld explicitly disclaims any assurance or commitment regarding specific levels of enquiries, bookings, or revenues to be obtained by its Host Families.

- In the event that Users opt to post a review, it is imperative that such a review:

a) Represents the User's unaided, candid, impartial, authentic opinion, and that no inducement or incentive has been proffered to elicit the review.
b) Is composed in a manner that adheres to the norms of appropriateness and respect, and is deemed suitable for the Famworld audience.

- Famworld reserves the right, without prior notice or offering refunds, to suspend, modify, eliminate, or delete Content, or to divulge to pertinent authorities any Content or behaviour. This action is warranted in the event of complaints, any perceived violation of Famworld's terms and conditions, or if such measures are deemed essential to safeguard the interests of Famworld or others. Furthermore, these actions may be enforced when required by law or a duly authorised entity. Under such circumstances, Users are strictly prohibited from any attempt to re-publish or re-send the pertinent Content.

- Famworld does not accept any responsibility in the event of Content misuse by other Users, as such actions are beyond its reasonable control.

- Famworld does not assume any legal responsibility for the accuracy or any other aspect of Content provided by other Users or pertaining to interactions between Users.

- Should Users encounter offensive or otherwise unsuitable Content or behaviour while utilising our Service, please promptly notify us by sending an email to [email protected]. While we will make every effort to address your complaints, we retain the discretion to determine whether to engage in discussions upon receiving a complaint. 

- Furthermore, Famworld is not obligated to act upon every complaint received, nor are we required to inform you of any action we may choose to undertake. To ensure effective processing, all complaints must include a clear and concise explanation for the grounds of complaint.

16. User Obligations and Restrictions

Users are bound by the following obligations and restrictions in connection with Famworld's service:

- Compliance with Laws: Users must not contravene any applicable laws, regulations, or codes of conduct, or infringe upon the intellectual property or rights of others.

- Prohibited Content: It is prohibited to publish or transmit any Content, including links or references to other content, which is unlawful, threatening, harassing, invasive of privacy, defamatory, offensive, vulgar, racist, hateful, discriminatory, obscene, sexually suggestive, abusive, deceptive, or otherwise considered inappropriate by Famworld. This includes actions related to phishing, scamming, or similar activities.

- Personal Data: The disclosure of personal data belonging to another individual, enabling their identification or contact, is not allowed unless the individual is an Adult, explicit written consent has been obtained, or the User is the parent/guardian of the concerned individual.

- Impersonation: Impersonating any person or entity with the intent to mislead others is strictly prohibited.

- Third-party Content: Users must not publish or transmit Content linking to third-party websites that are unlawful or contain inappropriate material.

- Commercial Activities: Activities such as selling access to the Platform, offering a similar service to third parties, or competing with Famworld are not permitted.

- Advertising and Promotion: Selling advertising, sponsorship, or promotions on or in connection with Content is only allowed if explicitly authorised by Famworld.

- Spam and Fraud: Utilising the Platform for purposes of junk mail, spam, pyramid schemes, or other fraudulent activities is strictly forbidden.

- Respect for Others: Users are required to refrain from any behaviour that negatively affects the enjoyment of other Users using the Platform.

- Unauthorised Access: Unauthorised access to any part of the Platform is prohibited.

- Automated Interaction: The use of automated means to interact with Famworld's systems, excluding public search engines, is restricted.

- Prohibited Assistance: Users must not attempt, encourage, or assist in any of the actions mentioned above.

17. Changes to Terms and Conditions

- Famworld is dedicated to delivering transparent and equitable terms and conditions for all participants. Famworld recognises that circumstances may evolve, and in order to adapt to these changes, Famworld reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions as required.

- In the event that significant changes or updates are made to the terms and conditions, Famworld will convey this to registered Users through email or platform notifications. Famworld encourages all Usersto periodically review these terms to remain informed.

- Should a particular section of these terms and conditions be deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portions of the document shall continue to be in full effect. Famworld places a premium on transparency and equity in its interactions with individuals, and these terms and conditions are specifically structured to promote a favourable experience for all parties involved. In the event of any inquiries or reservations regarding these terms, please feel free to contact [email protected].

18. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

- By using the services provided by Famworld, including but not limited to the booking of accommodation and participation in our programs, Users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Use of the Platform and services constitutes acceptance of the rights, responsibilities, and obligations outlined herein. 

- If Users do not agree with any part of these Terms and Conditions, they are to refrain from using the Platform and services. Famworld reserves the right to modify, update, or revise these Terms and Conditions as necessary, and any such changes will be communicated to Users in accordance with the section on "Changes to Terms and Conditions." 

- It is the User’s responsibility to review these Terms and Conditions periodically to stay informed of any updates or modifications. Continued use of Famworld services after such changes will signify User acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions.

19. Contact Information

- For any inquiries, assistance, or concerns related to our services or these Terms and Conditions, you can reach our dedicated team at [email protected] or by phone at + 353 87 621 2902. 

- Famworld is committed to providing Users with the necessary support and information and will aim to respond as promptly as possible to any queries to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.