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What our customers are saying...

The Higgins Family

Summer of 22 was the 1st time I received students from Hebe adventures. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and straightforward it was. Their team couldn't have been more helpful. I had a visit from their Liaison person and she was so lovely and friendly. She discussed in detail what they expected from a host family so this made it easy and I was reassured that the agency were there if there was every any problem. The agency were always on the end of the telephone if needed. I hosted to two beautiful girls. A Spanish girl and a French girl. They embraced their adventure for the 3 weeks they stayed and we are still friends and speak often. HEBE is a safe platform for your child or children to experience a new language and culture. As a host mother I speak to the parents and child before they arrive and we have built up a friendship before we even meet. I really enjoyed the experience with HeBe and look forward to dealing with them again soon.

Russell Short
Parent, France

Thank you Hebe Adventures Team for the first class service you have provided. Your support and assistance in helping him settle in far from home has been a real weight off our shoulders and a great comfort to him. Bravo!!

Emilio Gutierrez
Parent, Barcelona

They have been extremely supportive along the way allowing a great experience for him from arriving and settling in, to taking care of any daily issues that occurred along the way

Parent, Barcelona

It was a fantastic opportunity to interact, practice all they have learned at school, and learn new words and expression in the best way. Very recommendable!

Grainne Ward
Hostfamily, Ireland

It was a very enjoyable experience for me. Mateo was a super student to have a first time hosting experience with.

Marisa Manzanio
Parent, Madrid

I am really grateful to Clare for helping my son enjoy this experience and for making me feel so confident that he was being taken care.

Mar Campana
Parent, Madrid

I’ve sent my son to Ireland with HEBE Adventures and it works great. 100% recommended. Clare, the manager, is very kind and always willing to help. Having someone like that close to your child is imperative.

Eva Maria
Parent, Madrid

Thank you for taking care of my son....Alejandro came home very happy, with lots of stories and has a great memory of your family. He really enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to going back to Ireland. Thanks for everything.

Sophie Kannas
Parent, Paris

Clare thank you very much for remaining available for the whole stay. This is very valuable as well.

Michelle Davitt
Hostfamily, Kildare

With Clare’s guidance and help this is definitely one of the best experiences we have had – it has been brilliant – we provide term cover and it’s lovely to see the boys wanting to come back to us after each visit.

Susana Sacristan
Parent, Madrid

I am really grateful to the camp organization and family, still in contact with them and planning a visit for this coming summer.

Esther Campos
Parent, Madrid

I highly recommend HEBE Adventures, Clare knows perfectly what the families wants and she makes it possible.

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