Why Language Travel with Famworld?

Famworld offers a unique experience where you create a home stay for your child/teenager and choose the ideal host family and get to know them before your child travels.

Some of the reasons people choose us for language trips & home stays abroad to learn English?


Famworld is trusted by thousands of families and has a team on the ground in the country your child is traveling to. All of our host families are police vetted and vetted by the Famworld team to ensure they meet the highest standards.


With over 1000 host families you can find the perfect host family match for your child. There are families in cities, suburbs, farms, near the seaside, and everywhere in between.  We have host families in Dublin, Cork, and right across Ireland.


You and your child have the freedom to find the right family for you. Gone are the days when you don't know the family your child is staying with until they arrive in a foreign country. With Famworld you get to choose the right family from over 1000 host families.


Traveling to another country and staying with a new host family can be daunting. With Famworld we do things differently, you choose the host family you want to stay with and then you can chat and build a friendship with them so that when you arrive you are meeting friends, not strangers.


Living with a Host Family in Ireland speaking English is the best way to learn. With Famworld, you will live with an Irish Host Family and be immersed in family life practicing English consistently throughout your homestay.

Trust & Support

Most agencies do not have a dedicated team on the ground 24/7 in the country where your child travels. Famworld is different and sets itself apart by having a team on the ground in each country to support your child during their trip. We are with you all the way to ensure that your child's language trip goes smoothly, giving you peace of mind.


We use state-of-the-art security and technology and all of our payment processing is handled through stripe.

Explore the world.

Children who immerse themselves in new cultures mature faster, develop more empathy and have healthier and more nimble brains. The experience fosters independence, and problem-solving skills and opens up career doors all over the world.
The experience of a lifetime.

Staying with a host family in a different country, experiencing a new culture, learning a new language and making new friends is an experience few are likely to forget.
The connections made last a lifetime. Our very own CEO Rohan Perera is still in touch with the host family he stayed with when he was 15 years old.
Hear some stories of past experiences here.

The benefits of student travel.

Improved problem-solving skills.
Traveling while young is an important investment to enhance your child's academic performance in the future
Opens up career doors.
Understanding different cultures and being able to communicate in multiple languages leads to a broader range of career options.
Mature faster.
Traveling allows students to develop themselves in ways that can't be achieved without stepping outside of their comfort zone.