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Hosting Students has helped pay for our family holiday this year!
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Why become a Host Family in Ireland?

  • Earn money while getting the most out of the spare room in your home
  • Introduce new cultures into your family
  • Give your children the opportunity to make new friends
  • Broaden your horizons hosting an international student

Earn up to €1,100 hosting
students for 2 weeks

Why become a Host Family and host International Students with Famworld?

Premium Hosting Rates
We have the best host families in Ireland, and we pay our host families accordingly. Becoming a host family in Ireland and detailing your family’s profile with quality images can mean earning up to €800 for hosting an international student for 2 weeks!
24/7 support
Our dedicated Famworld support team are available at any moment day or night to solve your hosting problems. We take the stress out of hosting international students. Rest assured that from our Dublin host families to our Cork, Galway, Donegal and everywhere-in-between host families, we’ve got you covered.
Set your schedule
Fit hosting international students around your family's life.
You decide when and what type of hosting your family wants to do, with many options available such as summer camp hosting or full immersion stays.  Whether you are a host family in Dublin, a host family in Cork, or any other location in Ireland you get all the benefits of working with Famworld.
Connect your family with the world
Becoming a host family in Ireland will give your family exciting opportunities to connect with the world. When hosting international students, you will make new friends, have fun and make lifelong memories.

Common Questions

Can I host a student during the summer months only?
Yes, you can! One of the benefits of hosting with Famworld Adventures is that you have a choice to host when you want. Whether it be during the school year or through the summer months we have hosting for you.
May I host more than one student at a time?
Yes, though we do not allow multiple students with the same primary language with a host family at the same time. You must also advise Famworld if you are hosting another student as some parents only want their child staying with the host family.
How long should I expect to host a student for?
You are in complete control of how long you want to host. You may decide to only host for a month or week during the summer or host all year round. The decision is up to you. You will be able to use the online system to help you manage all hosting opportunities. However, once you have committed to hosting a student you are expected to follow it through to completion.
Do I need to have teenage kids in order to host summer students?
We get requests for students from age 8 up to age 18 years. It is normal that parents want their child with a host family with kids of similar age, gender, and interests. However, there are cases where the age of the kids does not matter.
How will I get notified of hosting opportunities?
You will get notified of any hosting opportunities via email. The email will contain a link to view all of the hosting opportunity details to help you decide if you want to accept it. You also have the option to request more information and then accept or reject the hosting. If you need time to review it you can select the "considering hosting" option.
How does the process of hosting a student work?
Once you have registered as a host family, you can manage all aspects of your hosting online. When suitable hosting opportunities become available you will receive an email with an overview and a link to the hosting opportunity details. You can then review and decide whether to accept this hosting or not. The hosting opportunity often goes out to a number of host families so it is important to review the hosting opportunity when you get the email to avoid missing out on the hosting.
We see ourselves as the Airbnb of Student language immersion vacations.
Do I need to complete Garda Vetting to become a host family?
Completing Police vetting is part of the process and is required before you can host any students. We supply the relevant forms that need to be filled in, and you will work closely with a member of staff to ensure that you complete the process stress-free. Your Garda Vetting will last you for 5 years.

Is Hosting An International Student For My Family?

We have students who are interested in different types of home stays, so whether you are a Host Family in Dublin or across the rest of Ireland, we have hosting for you. We look for families with children aged between 10 and 18 years old to offer home stays for similarly aged foreign students.
A host family in Dublin has a range of sites, museums, and landmarks to visit and enjoy with their students. This is why many students want to stay with a host family in Dublin.
Host Families outside of Dublin are also very sought after. Some foreign students prefer to explore Ireland’s unique villages and towns scattered all over the country. Along the coast of Ireland there are many great beaches for surfing and inland there are many lakes, rivers and forest parks. All in all, wherever you are in Ireland you can offer international students a great experience.

Introduce New Cultures to your Home

Many of our Host Families in Dublin and around Ireland enjoy the opportunity to host an international student from a different culture in their home.

The experience of learning a new culture is refreshing and informative, typically your student and your children will become great friends over the course of the hosting.

The experience is not only beneficial for your international student. When you offer a home stays to an international student you are introducing a new culture into your family, this will allow your children to broaden their horizons and learn about parts of the world they are not familiar with.

Earn Money for Home stays

Make the most of your living space and earn extra income. We have a range of options, including our online hosting, guardianship, and summer hosting.

Choose the option that caters for you and your family, making earning money easier and more convenient.

Become a host family today, and see how much you can earn from hosting a foreign student.

We Make Things Easy for You

You can host with confidence knowing that our Famworld team is available around the clock, ensuring that the experience is running smoothly for both you and your student.

Whether you are a Host Family in Dublin City or in the Galway countryside, we ensure the experience runs smoothly. We pride ourselves on our coordination and support to make the home stay experience enjoyable for both the student and the host family.

When you host a student with Famworld, we provide 24/7 support and an online management system that provides you with key information, alerts, notifications and much more to streamline the process.

Choose a Time that Suits You

Famworld offers three unique hosting experiences. These ensure that you and your family provide a home stay when it suits.

We provide the opportunity for you to welcome students during the academic school year, over the summer or year-round through our online student hosting platform.

Register Now to offer an experience that works for you.