How We Work

3 simple steps to the perfect Home stay for your child or teenager

1. Choose where
Choose what type of stay you want your child to experience. These stays range from city to country stay options.

2. Choose when

Choose when you want your child to travel.
3. Choose who
Choose a host family you would like to stay with. You can filter the host families based on fields such as location, hobbies, children ages etc...

Frequently Asked Questions

All year round. If you choose to travel during the school year it is advised to combine it with a school stay. If your stay takes place during the summer months we advise enrolling in local camps.
A language immersion stay is designed so that you are immersed into life with an Irish family. You will spend your days with the family doing the normal day to day activities, attending local sports events, family day trips etc. The aim is to significantly improve your child's conversational English through immersion with the family and have fun in the process
Your host family or one of the Famworld team will be there to meet and greet you when you arrive
Primarily July and August although there are some summer camps available in June

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