Edoardo's Famworld

My mum did a bit of research on the web and eventually contacted Famworld because it seemed like a reliable site, with vetted and experienced host families.
Putting language skills to the test

This Summer, 14-year old Edoardo embarked on his first Famworld. Coming all the way from Milan, Italy, Edoardo studied English in school but rarely had the opportunity to speak the language in a social setting. However, spending two weeks of his summer with the Wright Host Family in County Meath meant that Edoardo could put his language skills to the test in a safe and fun environment.

Vetted and experienced host families

Edoardo's parents thought it would be beneficial for him to experience living with a host family in Ireland and being immersed in the English language. His mum, Silvia, did some research online and came across Famworld. After browsing the site and learning more about our vetted and experienced host families nationwide, she decided to get in touch.

No need to fret
I was a little worried as it was his first time travelling alone. I knew that his host family would be waiting for him in Dublin, but given his limited English, I was afraid that he would have difficulty getting around or asking for information. However, everything went well.

When Silvia wrote to us expressing her interest in sending Edoardo on a Famworld, we quickly got in touch and explained the various trip options and processes. We also recommended which airline to consider given that Edoardo would be travelling as a minor.

A full immersion trip was decided upon as Silvia wanted Edoardo to have a new experience with the English language outside of a school environment. She also wanted him to have every opportunity to bond with the members of his host family.

A month before Edoardo's scheduled departure, Silvia wrote to the Wright Host Family - Edoardo's Irish host family - who was able to reassure Silvia and give her valuable advice on how to prepare for Edoardo's upcoming trip. Sandra also made herself available via Skype if and when needed.

Silvia was a little worried, however, as Edoardo's trip to Ireland would be his very first time travelling alone. Given the language barrier, she was concerned that he might have difficulty finding his way once he landed. Fortunately, everything went to plan and the Wright Host Family were waiting on arrival to welcome Edoardo with open arms.

Gaining confidence and making memories
Following on from his experience, Edoardo feels a little more confident when he speaks English but we'll see what his teacher thinks when he starts school again!

Edoardo found his host family to be very hospitable as they organised many outdoor activities for him. Even though they didn't practice a lot of the same sports that Edoardo did in Italy, they still made every effort to engage with him.

As for his favourite memories of his trip, Edoardo fondly remembers the walks he took with his host family, the family day out to Dublin and the unforgettable day spent at Tayto park.

We have already spoken highly of Famworld to our relatives, and they will certainly turn to Famworld when they want to give their children the experience of living with a host family in Ireland.
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