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These are our top rated host families in Clare. They will provide the perfect homestay in Clare, Ireland for your child. They have amazing profiles and are eager to answer any questions!

Great things to do in Clare

These are some of the best activities for young people to do in Clare!

Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher

Marvel at the world-famous Cliffs of Moher, a breathtaking natural wonder. While there's a fee for the visitor center, you can access designated viewing points and enjoy panoramic views of the rugged coastline and the Atlantic Ocean for free.

The Burren
The Burren

Explore the unique limestone landscape of The Burren. Hike the free trails and take in the mystical terrain dotted with rare flora and ancient ruins, providing a distinctive and cost-free outdoor adventure.

Loop Head Lighthouse
Loop Head Lighthouse

Visit Loop Head Lighthouse and enjoy the scenic coastal surroundings. While there's an admission fee to enter the lighthouse itself, you can still appreciate the stunning cliff-top vistas and the picturesque Loop Head Peninsula free of charge.

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Here are more great hostfamilies in Clare, Ireland. These families provide the perfect homestay in Clare, Ireland

Earn €1,100 as a Host Family in Clare

Become a host family in Clare and earn €1,100 hosting a single student for two weeks. We are available 14/7 exited to help you with everything from signing up to getting paid. We empower you, our host families, to decide who and when they host. You can talk to young people eager to travel before they book to ensure they are perfect fit to your family.

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Your questions, answered

Summer camps in Ireland take place primarily in July and August, although there are some camps available in June.
Living with a host family in Ireland is possible all year round. If you choose to travel during the school year, it is advised to combine your trip with a school stay with Famworld. If your stay takes place during the summer months, we advise enrolling in summer camps in Ireland.
To book your stay with a host family in Ireland, simply follow this link. You will choose the host family and activities before booking.
We have a network of over 1,200 host families in Ireland, ranging everywhere from our Dublin host families to our Cork host families. We make it a priority to visit all of our families prior to them hosting a student, in order to make sure that they are up to the Famworld standard as well as ensuring they complete and pass the Police vetting procedure. Please review our triple vetting process here .
Either your host family in Ireland or a member of the Famworld team will be there to meet and greet you when you arrive.
Summer camps in Ireland are uniquely designed to allow your child to discover Irish life and connect with similarly aged Irish children, all while living with a host family in Ireland. These activities coupled with their day-to-day life with a host family in Ireland, will lead to your child’s English language greatly improving.
A language immersion stay is designed to immerse your child into Irish life and culture with a host family in Ireland as their personal guide. They will spend their days with the family doing normal day-to-day activities, attending local sporting events and going on family day trips etc. The aim is to significantly improve your child’s conversational English through a lived experience with their host family in Ireland, and for them to have fun in the process.
If you are interested in a boarding school stay please visit Hebe Education</a >
If you are interested in a boarding school stay please visit Hebe Education</a >
Yes, it is possible to get English lessons while staying with a host family in Ireland. A qualified English teacher will come to your host family’s home to provide one-to-one tuition. There is an extra charge for this service.
Summer camps in Ireland are primarily targeted at Irish children, and the first language of over 90% of those attending these camps is English. This ensures that your child will be immersed in English for the duration of their stay, allowing them plenty of opportunities to practice and improve their conversational English. Outside of camp hours, they will be with their chosen host family in Ireland where they will converse in English continually.

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