The Doherty Family

Donegal, Ireland

Trusted Host Family

Doubly vetted

About us

We are the Doherty family and we live approximately 4km outside Letterkenny Co Donegal. We love to get outdoors and to explore the nearby woods, parks and beaches. We do a trip to the cinema or swimming pool at the weekends and the children partake in soccer and swimming.We are a welcoming family and would love to host International students for trips or academic purposes and are near three local secondary schools. We would endeavour to make your trip as enjoyable and carefree as possible if you would choose to stay with us.

Host family children

Male 6 Yrs, 5 Mths
Sport, Cinema, Swimming
Female 4 Yrs, 5 Mths
Swimming, Baking, Art
Female 2 Yrs, 0 Mths

Parent/Guardian 1

Occupation: Medical Scientist

Parent/Guardian 2

Occupation: Corporal Defence Forces

What's Included

  • No other children of same nationality
  • Activities with the host-family or in local camps
  • Trip Insurance
  • Double-Vetted Host Families
  • 24/7 Famworld Support
  • Optional airport transfers


Own Room
Non Smoking
Pet - Small Yorkshire terrier dog male aged 8
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 3

Memories that last

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