The Rooney keane Family

Waterford, Ireland

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About us

We are a family of four with 3 small dogs and a cat and are huge animal lovers. We live in a four bedroomed, 3 bathroom home in a very nice estate with fantastic neighbours. Our house has a large dining area and kitchen with a relaxed living room with large tv and a view of the Knockmealdown mountains. We have a large garden with timber decking which is also an outdoor dining area with outdoor furniture where we eat our meals during the good weather. Our garden also has an outdoor cinema and seating area to the side of our house to watch movies on the big screen while wrapped up in blankets watching the sun set. Lismore is a famous tourist town with a stunning castle which our host students can visit. It is a busy town with many tourists from all over the world and every Sunday morning there is a market down by the castle to buy jewellery, food, vegetables etc. Lismore offers many amenities, restaurants, play. Park, Millenium Park and a local strand to swim in which also offers swimming lessons during the summer months.. We are very active, enjoy getting up early and making the most of our day. We are a very loving and caring family, we like spending time with each other and doing family activities together. We enjoy camping trips, BBQs, cooking, music, concerts, dining out, going to the beach, visiting friends, watching movies, reading, cinema, day trips, history, documentaries, sports, GAA, soccer, tennis etc. We are avid travellers and love to experience new countries, food, culture and music. We holiday abroad at least twice per year, our most recent trip being to Costa Brava and Barcelona where we visited Nou Camp. Our home is a very happy, safe and secure which is filled with lots of fun and laughter. It has a nice back garden with timber decking which we enjoy hosting our neighbours and friends on. Our home is bright, fresh and clean and modern. We have been hosting students in our home since 2015 which have come from Spain, Germany and Italy. Our students attend the local secondary school called Blackwater Community School from August to June to complete a full school year. Most if not all of our previous host students are still in contact with us and have visited our home after their school year has finished with us. We cannot wait to hear from you and your family. We offer camping trips, hill walks, BBQ'S in our garden, going to the beach, cycling, going to sporting events, cinema, dining out, scenic drives, day trips, cooking, music, concerts going to the zoo, visiting historical parts of Ireland.

Host family children

Female 18 Yrs, 0 Mths
Reading, Cinema, Art, Music, Fashion
Male 11 Yrs, 5 Mths
Soccer, Sport, Cycling, Cinema, Computer Games, Martial Arts

Parent/Guardian 1

Occupation: Social Care Worker

Parent/Guardian 2

Occupation: Scaffolder

What's Included

  • No other children of same nationality
  • Activities with the host-family or in local camps
  • Trip Insurance
  • Double-Vetted Host Families
  • 24/7 Famworld Support
  • Optional airport transfers


Own Room
Non Smoking
Pet - 3 Shih Tzu dogs and one cat.
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Lucia - Student
September 2022

Hi, I´m Lucia and I am a Spanish student that stayed with the Rooneys last year. I went to blackwater community school last year and I stayed in Ireland for the whole school year. I was very comfortable with the family, they all took care of me as much as they could. It was the perfect family for me, because I had the freedom every teenager needs but I also had the family time the exchange students need when they are alone. They were the best host parents, they took care of me and they made sure I had everything I needed. One of my concerns was the food, because I knew it was not going to be the same as the spanish food, but the food ended up being one of my favourite parts, the mother's food is incredible, and as much as the dad says otherwise, he cooks very good as well. I also had a special bond with the big sister. She is a very sweet girl that helped me with everything I needed. She turned to be like a sister for me. The son was also like a younger brother for me, we used to watch a lot of movies and series together. I learned a lot of english with him. And how to forget about the dogs and poppy... When I arrived, I was so scared of animals, but now I like them, that was one of my biggest changes during the year. I loved the time I spended with my Irish family and I hope I can visit them soon.

Irene - Student
September 2021

I'm Irene, I did an exchange year in 2020/2021 in Lismore, attending blackwater community school and staying at the Rooney's home. It was a wonderful experience mainly for the beautiful people I had to spend the most time with: my host family. From the first moment I arrived there I felt at home, welcomed as a new member of the family, and those feelings never left me for the whole time I was there. We couldn't do a lot because of covid restriction, but I wouldn't have had it any different because it is inside of that house where I have the best memories of my life. With them I never felt homesick or alone, and to this day I frequently look back at those memories I made with them. I love every single member of the family and they always made me feel loved. We all were so sad when I had to leave, and that's why after a year I went back in summer for a month to visit and to spend more time with them. I feel so lucky I met them and I am so grateful for everything they did for me. I love them and miss them everyday


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