The Laffan Family

Meath, Ireland

Immersion activities

Sports camp, drama camp, park, shopping centre, beach, tayto park

Trusted Host Family

Doubly vetted 1 review

About us

We live in an estate, 5 minute walk from the village. We are surrounded by green areas and a wooded area for walks. There’s plenty of shops, coffee shops and restaurants in village.We are a busy family of. 6 who like to keep active. The girls love meeting new people and are full of the chats. The boys are at a busy age and also love meeting new people. We have now hosted for two years. We have a gorgeous girl carmen from Madrid currently living with us throughout the school year who is attending the local school. She will be returning to Madrid at the end of may. We love hosting and meeting new people from all around!Swimming, gym, walking, picnics, cinema, parks, theme parks.

Host family children

Female 11 Yrs, 6 Mths
Soccer, Swimming, Drama, Martial Arts, Fashion, Dancing, Music, Shopping
Male 8 Yrs, 10 Mths
Swimming, Golf, Martial Arts, Dancing, Music, Basketball
Female 13 Yrs, 1 Mths
Soccer, Swimming, Baking, Fashion, Drama, Athletics, Dancing, Music, Shopping
Male 6 Yrs, 9 Mths
Soccer, Swimming, Lego, Martial Arts, Rugby

Parent/Guardian 1

Occupation: Stay at home mum

Parent/Guardian 2

Occupation: Pilot

What's Included

  • No other children of same nationality
  • Activities with the host-family or in local camps
  • Trip Insurance
  • Double-Vetted Host Families
  • 24/7 Famworld Support
  • Optional airport transfers

Family interests



Own Room
Non Smoking
Pet - 2 year old goldendoodle
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 4
Rocío -Parent
July 2023

A great experience for my daughter!!! 100% recommendable!!! Very good treatment from the host family


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