The Flatley Family

Sligo, Ireland

Trusted Host Family

Doubly vetted

About us

We live in a 4 bedroom detached house in a quite estate in Enniscrone.  We have living/dining room combined and our space bedroom has an ensuite. Our home is cosy, fitted with stove and we have am enclosed back garden with trampoline and swing sets. We are walking distance to seaside village with plenty of amenities. We are a family of 4 that lives in a seaside village called Enniscrone in Co. Sligo, just a 2 minute walk from a fabulous 3 mile beach where we spend alot of our summer days. We enjoy to be active, an do activities such as football, swimming, cycling, an mountain climbing. I am a montessori teacher so currently have midterms and summers off school, so I get to spend alot of quality time with my children. Our son James will be 6 this April, and our little girl Lucy will be turning 4. We enjoy going for walks,cycles an runs on the beach. We live close to a running track an there are plenty of activities locally such as GAA camps, soccer camps, dance an drama camps.    We also enjoy going out for family dinners, watching movies together, day trips, and spending time together at home.

Host family children

Male 8 Yrs, 0 Mths
Swimming, Gaelic Football
Female 6 Yrs, 0 Mths
Gaelic Football, Dancing

Parent/Guardian 1

Occupation: Montessori teacher

Parent/Guardian 2

Occupation: Production operator

What's Included

  • No other children of same nationality
  • Activities with the host-family or in local camps
  • Trip Insurance
  • Double-Vetted Host Families
  • 24/7 Famworld Support
  • Optional airport transfers

Family interests



Own Room
Non Smoking
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2

Memories that last

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