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The Flanagan Family

Kildare, Ireland

About us

We live in a gorgeous , picturesque village called Johnstown, which is very close to Naas town and we have excellent public transport at our doorstep .We live in a small estate called St Johns Grove where we have a tennis court, large green area for playing sport and a community centre which hosts everything from art classes to yoga, aerobics,  scouts etcOur house is quite big there are 4 bedrooms and a large living room and kitchen and a garden to the rear of the house which is in full bloom from the end of spring.It is a lovely neighbour very quiet with lovely neighbours. The boys enjoy being outdoors , but also enjoy watching a movie with the family and having some time on their ps4.

Host family children

Male17 Yrsbasketball, acting,swimming, soccer, cycling, skateboarding
Male16 Yrsgaa , soccer, swimming,acting, basketball, cycling, skateboarding.
Male11 Yrsgaa, swimming, acting, cycling
Male8 Yrscycling, swimming

Parent/Guardian 1

Occupation: Fashion designer

Parent/Guardian 2

Occupation: Artist

What's Included

  • No other children of same nationality
  • Your child will have their own room
  • Airport transfers
  • Activities with the host-family or in local camps
  • Trip Insurance
  • Double-Vetted Host Families
  • 24/7 Famworld Support


Own Room
Non Smoking
Pet - We have 2 gorgeous small dogs a mini yorkie and a shitzu ..dolly and suzi they are very calm dogs and very loving. We also have 2 cats scamp and tig.
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4

Johnstown Naas, Kildare