The Higgins Family - Testimonial


Summer of 22 was the 1st time I received students from Hebe adventures. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and straightforward it was. Their team couldn't have been more helpful. I had a visit from their Liaison person and she was so lovely and friendly. She discussed in detail what they expected from a host family so this made it easy and I was reassured that the agency were there if there was every any problem. The agency were always on the end of the telephone if needed. I hosted to two beautiful girls. A Spanish girl and a French girl. They embraced their adventure for the 3 weeks they stayed and we are still friends and speak often. HEBE is a safe platform for your child or children to experience a new language and culture. As a host mother I speak to the parents and child before they arrive and we have built up a friendship before we even meet. I really enjoyed the experience with HeBe and look forward to dealing with them again soon.

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