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Travel to Ireland and begin the educational experience of a lifetime with your Host. Family. Enjoy your Donegal County School stay with host family.

Host families near Donegal schools

These are our top rated host families in Donegal. They provide safe student lodging in Donegal alongside an immersive Irish family experience

School stays in Donegal, Ireland

Trusted Tailored Host Families
Find the perfect Host Family for your child. Enjoy your own room and personal study desk for the duration of your school stay. Know you are safe with our doubly vetted Host Families. Every Famworld Host Family is police vetted and visited by the Famworld Team to ensure they are suitable for hosting your child.
24/7 Famworld Support
The Famworld Team are available 24/7 for the duration of your child's school stay to deal with any issues that may arise. Your Host Family will provide monthly update reports on your child's progress and well-being at home and at school. We've got your child covered with Famworld Insurance. We provide the best international student support in Donegal schools.
Accelerate English Learning
Accelerate your English learning by immersing yourself in an exclusively English-speaking environment with Academic stays for students in Donegal. Learn English while making memories, that will last a lifetime, in school and at home!
Authentic Irish Schools
Experience authentic Irish schools that are attended by Irish students during your Donegal School Stay Programs.

Great things to do in Donegal

These are some of the best activities for young people to do in Donegal!

Glenveagh National Park

Explore the scenic wonders of Glenveagh National Park for free. Stroll around its pristine lakes, lush woodlands, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Derryveagh Mountains. While access to the park is free, there may be a small fee to visit Glenveagh Castle, a magnificent 19th-century mansion nestled within the park.

Slieve League Cliffs
Slieve League Cliffs

Witness the dramatic beauty of Slieve League Cliffs, among the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Hike along the coastal trails for awe-inspiring vistas over the Atlantic Ocean, free of charge.

Glengesh Pass
Glengesh Pass

Take a scenic drive or walk through the enchanting Glengesh Pass. This picturesque route weaves through lush green hills and meadows, providing a tranquil and cost-free way to immerse yourself in Donegal's rugged and unspoiled landscape.