Live with an irish host family and learn english.

Famworld offer total language immersion home stays where children and teenagers have a warm and welcoming experience living with a host family in Ireland.

Explore Ireland's cities and countryside.

No matter the location, we guarantee that every Famworld host family in Ireland will provide a home from home for your child, taking care of them and ensuring that they are safe, happy and feel welcome as the newest member of their hosting family.

Total language immersion.
With our language immersion programme, your child will spend ample time with a host family in Ireland who have children of a similar age. Your child will speak English continuously throughout their trip and they may even choose to take part in one of the many summer camps in Ireland. Whether it be golf, horse-riding, rugby camps and much more, we have a range of exciting activities available for their home stay in Ireland. These, coupled with daily host family interactions, will allow your child to practice, improve and build confidence in their conversational English while having fun in a safe and secure environment. Every host family in Ireland is reviewed by the police (Garda vetted) as well as verified and certified by Famworld to make sure that they are up to the Famworld standard. The Famworld team will remain an active point of contact throughout to support you and your child, and to make sure all parties involved have a great experience. Start planning your child’s Famworld today!

Searching for a host family in Ireland?

Look no further! From Dublin host families to Donegal host families, our Famworld host families span the length and breadth of the country.