Advantages of summer camps in Ireland

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Advantages of summer camps in Ireland

Summer is coming and all parents wonder what activities will be the best for our children to do during these long months of hiatus.

On many occasions, most of them opt for local offerings based on sports or education.

Despite this, more and more parents are opting for something different that represents a 'real plus' in the child's day-to-day life, and that, incidentally, serves to complement their academic training.

We refer, how could it be otherwise, to summer camps in foreign English-speaking countries.

In this article we will show what these camps offer, which country offers the best offer and how to find the perfect one to send our children to spend one of the greatest adventures of their lives.

What does a summer camp in Ireland offer?

When we talk about summer camps in the English language, without a doubt the great queen is Ireland.

Its climate, the character of its people, its young spirit with an eminently university atmosphere and the fact that it has become one of the cultural and technological references in Europe, make this country the preferred candidate for families.

An English-speaking summer camp in Ireland, offers the boys and girls who attend an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the language, while cultivating new friendships from around the world, and learning to function in the real world with the necessary supervision of expert adults in the field.

A family or person in charge, guides the students through the programmed activities, and their leisure, which will be carried out entirely in English.

Most of the activities do not differ too much from what we can find in any traditional camp, but nevertheless, the great differentiating element is the absolute integration of learning English in their daily routine, and the activation of the autonomous component that each boy has of innate form.

Leisure, education, establishing international friendly relations, learning values, solvency in terms of self-sufficiency ... Ireland is the best option, and it is only 2 hours from the peninsula.

Camps in Ireland: how to find the perfect place

But once we have made the determination that our children will travel to do one of these camps, the questions begin: How do I know which one is the right one? How do I find a perfect site? What steps should I take?

Many schools regularly offer summer camp programs abroad, and they often have experience in this area. Although sometimes they cannot help us, they can give the first guides. It is very likely that the option of Ireland is the preferred option, over the US or England, since Ireland has the perfect balance between price-distance-quality of life.

There are agencies specialized in carrying out absolutely all the procedures. They will show us the best options, how long each camp lasts, how to contract the activities at source and even find a residence or host family. We will not have to worry about anything and everything at a fixed price.

It is the option that most families choose for its practicality and reliability.

The third option is to carry out a thorough search for information, and contact an agency that takes care of the procedures or organizes this type of camps at the destination. The main problem is that we will not have all the information.


Summer camps in English in Ireland are increasingly the preferred option for parents during the summer.

Giving children tools to function in English in a safe and controlled environment is a necessary step to let our children fly.

The best advice that can be given is that being advised by a company specialized in origin or destination is usually the best option, and hiring an all-in-one package is the most profitable of them.

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