How to find the best host family in Ireland for your English language exchange trip

By Famworld
How to find the best host family in Ireland for your English language exchange trip


Staying with an English host family is one of the best ways to authentically experience the culture and language when traveling to a new country. You will stay in a homestay with people who know the city, can introduce you to other locals, all whilst practicing their native language. Finding the perfect host family is important as it drastically affects your experience. Homestays will be matched with language students of similar age to their children to give them the best possible chance of integrating with them and their friends'. Different hosts will provide varying facilities and different locations. It is important to do your research before choosing so we have outlined how to find the perfect host family in Ireland. 

Decide when you want to travel

There are peak seasons for family hosting in Ireland. Some students prefer to have their English language exchange when the city is buzzing with other travelers who can support them through the experience. Whilst others want to enjoy a quieter time of year with less tourists for a more authentic experience. Here, they might be hosted in smaller groups and have less temptation to speak their native language to friends from home! 

Decide where you’d like to stay 

We offer language exchange students the option to stay in the countryside, village, suburbs or city. This will affect your experience as you will encounter different environments, activities and people. You could stay in a busy city, close to shops and restaurants with a buzzing social environment. Or you could opt for a slower paced area to enjoy nature and breathtaking scenery. Whichever you choose it will mean you meet different people and enjoy different pastimes. This variety means you could choose a different area each visit to make every trip a unique experience from the last!

Find your perfect language exchange host family

Different host families offer different experiences. They will vary in facilities they offer, size bedrooms, bathroom options and family size, age and dynamic. Many families have kids living there so age and gender can be useful factors to base your choice upon. Some hosts will only accept kids of certain ages as it requires less responsibility compared to hosting young children. They may also want to ensure their kids are of similar ages so they can all spend time together and share more mutual interests. Hosts may also vary on house rules and special dietary requirements they offer.  It’s important to find a host family that is right for you. Luckily hosting has become extremely popular in Ireland and we get to know our hosts well, meaning that matching them with a well suited traveler has become both easy and rewarding. We have a great host family for every type of student!

Set off and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime! 

Your English language exchange program will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Full immersion into a different culture, new friends and new faces will make the adventure unforgettable. You’ll meet people from Ireland but also from around the world, here for the exact same seasons as you are. You’ll keep busy with fun activities, find local hidden gems and tourist hot-spots. Make memories and friends for life as you return year after year. The experience is affordable yet priceless, so what are you waiting for!

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