Varying levels of English: Successfully progress to B2 English

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Varying levels of English: Successfully progress to B2 English

Reasons to master English

Mastery of the English language is undoubtedly a fundamental skill in today's world, especially in the workplace and academic field. As a key objective, many students set out to reach the B2 level in English, but how can we achieve it efficiently?

From the perspective of a website specialized in English courses abroad and host families in wonderful Ireland, we are here to offer you a complete tour of the levels of English, from beginner to advanced level, focusing on the process and strategies. to advance to level B2 English in the European reference framework.

We will start by addressing the main levels in English and what characterizes each of them. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) establishes six levels that apply to any language, including English.

  1. Level A1 (Beginner): No prior knowledge of the language is required. It is the starting point to start learning English.

  1. Level A2 (Elementary): People with this level can interact in everyday situations and understand basic information.

  1. Level B1 (Intermediate): With level B1, students can face less common situations and express topics of personal interest.

Here we have to stop for a moment, since the goal is to achieve level B2 in English. So what exactly does this level mean and why is it so valued in the world of work and academia?

  1. Level B2 (Upper Intermediate): It is the level that indicates superior competence in the English language. Students with a B2 can function in work, academic and social situations fluently and effectively, in addition to understanding texts and expressing themselves clearly in writing.

With this objective as a central focus, we advance at the following levels:

  1. Level C1 (Advanced): With level C1 English, you have a complete command of the language, with the ability to adapt the language to different contexts and purposes.

  1. Level C2 (Master's): This level indicates an exceptional command of English, comparable to the proficiency of a native speaker.

Being clear about these English levels is essential to know where we are and what we need to improve to achieve our goals. Now, what are the strategies to advance efficiently in the levels in English and make that jump to B2?

First of all, we recommend that you do an honest self-assessment of your current level of English. This will allow you to determine your strengths and weaknesses and establish an appropriate study plan.

Next, select a learning method that suits your needs and preferences. There are multiple options, from mobile applications and online courses to face-to-face classes. However, an experience abroad is highly recommended to fully immerse yourself in the language and remove cultural barriers.

In this sense, our host families in Ireland offer an exceptional experience to practice and improve your English levels daily in a welcoming and friendly environment. Also, a great advantage is that you will be able to get to know the local culture and customs while you advance in English.

The key factor is perseverance and constant practice. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of studying regularly, staying motivated, and surrounding yourself with tools and resources that allow you to manage your progress.

Finally, frequently evaluate your progress through official exams and certifications, such as the IELTS exam or the Cambridge English Assessment. These exams will not only allow you to know your progress in English levels, but they will also provide you with valuable certification to stand out in the workplace and academically.

In summary, reaching the B2 level in English is an accessible goal if you take English levels into account, recognize your strengths and weaknesses and propose a strategy adapted to your needs. Don't forget that immersing yourself in learning experiences abroad, such as living with host families in Ireland, can be the key to achieving that desired B2 level English and enjoying the world without language barriers.

"An open door to professional and academic success: The value of a high level of English"

Mastering a language as universal as English not only provides the enormous satisfaction of communicating without barriers in different parts of the world, but also expands employment and academic opportunities in an increasingly globalized society. In this sense, reaching a high level of English – such as level B2 or higher – can be the key to access prestigious studies and jobs, while also being the golden brooch on your curriculum vitae.

Today, many renowned universities and educational centers around the world require an advanced level of English to admit their students to undergraduate, postgraduate and, especially, international exchange programs. The chances of obtaining a scholarship also increase significantly if you can prove a good level of English. Studying abroad and living new cultural experiences will not only be enriching from a personal point of view, but will also be highly valued by employers when it comes to competing in the job market.

In addition, many multinationals and companies in constantly growing sectors (such as technology, communication, science and tourism) seek to integrate professionals with outstanding language skills into their teams. A high level of English puts you in a privileged position to apply for jobs with great responsibility, in which the ability to adapt to a multicultural environment, lead international projects and perform key functions for the growth of the company is valued.

On the other hand, an advanced level of English also facilitates the possibility of attending international conferences, congresses and workshops, where you can connect with experts in your area and significantly expand your network of contacts. In addition, it will allow you to access resources and publications in English, always keeping you updated on trends and advances in your professional field.

In conclusion, it is crucial to understand that investing time and effort in improving your English levels will not only open the doors to a world full of opportunities, but will also boost your personal and professional development in multiple directions. And remember, following an efficient learning strategy (such as studying with host families in Ireland), will allow you to reach B2 level in English or higher more quickly, and reap the many benefits that this entails. Do not hesitate: bet on English and transform your future.

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