How to prepare for English exams

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How to prepare for English exams

At present, in which the world has become a globalized world, the knowledge of foreign languages is more necessary than ever. English as the lingua franca and the constant use of the Internet have made learning English a priority for the new generations. Parents want to see their children prepared to face the challenges of an uncertain future and they know that speaking English is essential. This language is a vital tool for our professional and personal development. Knowing and mastering it is essential to establish connections with people around the world (and also in your own country) or to access employment opportunities. It has become unstoppably necessary to formally learn this language, taking official English exams.

Types of official English exams:

Nowadays, English has become a must for professional and personal growth. It has become a necessity for both children and adults. Having a good level of English opens doors to many opportunities at a work and academic level. Therefore, preparing adequately for official English exams is essential if we want to acquire internationally recognized qualifications.

Now, what are these official English exams? This useful summary will help us to know them better:


- Cambridge English Qualifications (CEQ): They are designed for both students and adults. The exams range from Pre A1 to C2 levels, which is equivalent to the First Certificate of English (FCE) or the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

- International English Language Testing System (IELTS): These exams fit the majority of users as there are two different modalities for preparation. The first modality, known as IELTS Academic, evaluates the level of English for entrance into universities and official academic programs. The second, known as IELTS General Training, is for those who want to emigrate or obtain a visa to enter or stay in a foreign country.

- Business English Certificates (BEC): These certificates measure the level of English related to the business and professional world. They are divided into three levels: BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage and BEC Higher that go from levels A2 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

- Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): These certificates can be taken both in writing and orally. Through the TOEFL, the student evaluates his level for academic courses outside the country in which he resides, thus documenting a good performance with the English language.

Being able to study correctly for any of these exams is essential for future success. From carrying out all the steps of the preparation process to learning to know yourself and being able to motivate yourself are essential things to be successful in an exam.

How can we then prepare for the official English exams? First of all, it is important to have good teachers or professors, since the official exams require a lot of practice. A good teacher can guide us on the right path to success and teach us effective strategies to pass the test. Another very useful resource is the intensive courses in our cities. These courses, together with the English summer courses abroad, are an excellent option to improve and reinforce the knowledge acquired throughout the year. In addition, we recommend taking advantage of the colonies in English that are organized throughout the year. These leisure activities combined with regular classes are a good way to improve your level of English while interacting with and enjoying the natural environment. Of course, we recommend not losing motivation: the path to success requires hard work and tenacity.

Recommendations to prepare our English exams  

First, you will have to assess your current level of English through online tests or by listening to other bilingual speakers and thus verify which are the areas in which you need to improve more effort and prepare yourself sufficiently. You can also take a level test. Practice writing formal or oral texts on various topics and related to the content of the exam. This will help you become fluent in your English when you do it. A fun way to expand your vocabulary knowledge in this language can be by playing word games.

Also, if you have the possibility of taking summer courses in English abroad or going to colonies in English, this will help you improve your level of listening comprehension. Another effective way if you cannot travel is to hire private classes with a native teacher of the language.

Finally, don't forget to register for the official exams in advance and prepare well for the day of the exam: eat a healthy breakfast, get plenty of rest and relax before entering the room. These are just a few tips to follow when preparing for official English exams.

Ultimately, we must strive to learn the most spoken language in the world, English. Official exams are a good way to demonstrate our real level of knowledge of it. Therefore, we assume the challenge to pass our exams successfully, preparing ourselves with time and effort. And why not? we also enjoy learning to speak it, which will undoubtedly open many doors for us now and in the near future.

Let's get ready now to make the most of the opportunities that are presented to us, but if you cannot travel to strengthen your English, in Spain you have some places that offer colonies in English, such as Girona, where you can experience a British summer Girona without leaving Spain . You can find another similar option in Tamarit, where you can book your summer camp without leaving Spain and learn English while having fun in an authentic English summer Tamarit.

Now you are ready to face the official English exams and you have no excuse for not becoming an expert in the universal language. We hope we have helped you understand the importance of the official English exams and the necessary steps to pass them. Remember that if you schedule your preparation from now on, including the British summer Girona, you will have a better chance of succeeding in the exams. So don't wait any longer and get ready to study English.

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of learning English and the official exams that can be taken. We want to encourage you to prepare an effective plan to achieve success in these degrees and thus achieve your goal. Do not lose motivation or enthusiasm, the effort is always rewarded!

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