English holiday, when is the right time to book

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English holiday, when is the right time to book

An English holiday requires some planning. It is necessary to carve out the right time to choose the destination, understand the experience you want to have and the type of stay. A stay in English, for Italian students, usually takes place at the end of the school year. Therefore it is useful to move a few months before the summer. In this way, there will be sufficient time to evaluate all aspects, including the type of experience most suitable for the young person and the length of stay.

Planning a stay in English is not a quick thing, especially for parents who want to be sure of the quality of the courses and safety for their children. After all, the boy will have to travel alone and it is important that every aspect is considered, so that he can be at ease and spend his holidays in serenity. In this article, we will evaluate some aspects to consider for those who want to book an English holiday in advance, as well as the deadlines to respect.

Holiday in English, the aspects to consider

Before getting to the booking stage, a planning stage is necessary. In essence, it is a question of clarifying the essential points to be evaluated.

At this stage it is important to talk to the children, in order to choose something that can be in line with their needs. Among the main aspects to consider are the destination, dates, duration and type of stay.

Doing everything yourself is sometimes difficult. It requires hours of internet research, time to think and to talk about it with the family. The best thing to do in these cases is to rely on an operator, like Hebe, who can organize the trip for you and who knows how to advise you on the ideal place, duration and stay.

Vacation in English: destination

The favorite destinations for European students for a holiday in English are Great Britain and Ireland. Some students, including the older ones, also choose overseas destinations. But in general, if it's your first experience, you can start with a destination not too far from home. In Great Britain, England is certainly the most popular destination. Despite this, Ireland is becoming an increasingly popular destination. Not only by students, who can find an environment here to immerse themselves in urban culture and unspoilt nature. But also for parents, who find an unparalleled welcome in Irish host families. Furthermore, the English Summer Courses offer a high standard of tuition.

Holiday in English: duration

The length of your stay in English can depend on various factors. First of all from the age of the student. If it's your first experience on your own, a solution might be to go on a short stay the first time and then plan a longer one in the future. But this rule doesn't apply to everyone, it depends above all on the character of the young person and his inclination to make new experiences.

A second factor to consider is your level of English and the types of English summer courses you wish to attend. In fact, a longer stay brings more evident benefits and progress. Staying in contact with the host family for longer allows you to develop a more fluid and natural language. In general, however, we speak of a few weeks. The duration must also be evaluated on the basis of the budget.

Vacation in English: start and end date

Choosing the start and end date of the holiday is important. In Italy, children finish the school year in June, with the arrival of summer and heat. The summer holidays are quite long and it's the time when everything stops to go on vacation with family or friends. Whatever the months dedicated to the break from studies, it is better not to overlap the holiday with the school year. Likewise, it may also be convenient not to interfere with family vacation plans.

Therefore the best dates may be right after the end of the school year. Or a few weeks before the start of the new year. The important thing is that it's not too close to the new year, as you could have other commitments, such as remedial courses.

English holiday: where to stay

While college accommodation was popular in the past, staying with a local family is becoming increasingly popular. The benefits are different. First of all, the student will be a guest in a family, in a more welcoming and peaceful atmosphere, where he will also be able to make friends with kids of the same age. In addition, he will be able to speak the language all the time, which will lead to improvements in his level of English. For parents, finding the right family is also synonymous with security. In this way they will be able to stay calm during the entire duration of their stay.

If you have chosen Ireland as your destination, with Hebe you will be able to choose and communicate with the family that will host your child, also verified by the Irish authorities. Also Hebe will help you plan all the other aspects. He will be able to recommend the most suitable experience for your child and the best destination. This way you can save time and be sure to take the right steps.

Holiday in English, when to book

Starting planning ahead is essential. You will have enough time to book and find the right host family for you.

Another aspect to consider is the flight. It is not advisable to book a flight at the last minute, as the price may not be affordable. It's true, sometimes there are last-minute offers. But they could not coincide with the dates chosen or the length of stay. A last-minute solution might be fine for a general vacation. But for a stay in English it is better to book your flight well in advance.

Also because, if the child is a minor, there are organizational aspects to deal with, such as the presence on board of a companion.

Therefore, the sooner you decide on your host family and flight, the more relieved you will feel and you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly.

Having made all these considerations, all that remains is to choose when to book. If the idea is to organize the trip in the first part of the summer, just after the school year, it is better to book before the arrival of spring.

This way, once everything is decided, you will have the necessary time to communicate with the host family. Knowing each other is important not only to be able to trust, but also to start building a relationship that will put the young person at ease, even if away from home and parents.

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