Easily find an English host family to organize an English language stay for your child

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Easily find an English host family to organize an English language stay for your child

The international language stay in an English host family for children generally combines language lessons and activities during the day, organized and supervised by the team of teachers and monitors in the country. It allows the child to integrate into an English host family abroad by sharing their daily life and communicating only in the language of the country.

It is a unique opportunity to discover the way of life, the food, the culture of this country and to practice the language informally, in a friendly atmosphere. For your child, a language trip means getting out of their home base to explore other habits. In short, it's getting out of your comfort zone to discover a social universe other than your own.

Here are the other advantages of English host family accommodation for children

  • Take suitable intensive courses: language courses at least 4 hours a day and all week long;
  • Be in total linguistic immersion;
  • Going out abroad allows you to make friends and feel like you are on vacation;
  • Improve and prepare for an English test such as TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS;
  • Have a comparative advantage on your CV: speaking fluent English sends a powerful signal of employability to employers.

How to find a host family in Ireland?

As Ireland is one of our most popular destinations, our English host family living in Ireland program is extensive. All our host families are selected by our teams according to specific criteria. The selection process includes an interview, followed by a mandatory visit to the family's home to see for ourselves the accommodation conditions offered to your child.

Our English host families living in Ireland are committed to providing a warm welcome, a clean, comfortable and bright bedroom, storage and space with a table or desk, bed and bath linen, and help with the trip to school on the first day.

By going on a language exchange in Ireland, your child will be in the best place to learn English. Irish people are known for being friendly and having a good sense of humor. While in Ireland, your child will quickly find themselves talking to strangers on the street.

The city of Dublin, for example, has everything you would expect in a capital city: numerous cafes and restaurants, theatres, art galleries and shows, as well as first-class universities. But it also gives the feeling of being in a small town, thanks to its intimate and friendly atmosphere, perfect for students.

However, to find the ideal English host family in Ireland, browse the profiles of our Irish host families on Hebe and choose the family that suits you according to your own criteria. In addition, it is cheaper than with a traditional agency.

Here are some tips for living well with an English host family; away from the urge to teach your child English online

  • To be open minded ;
  • Communicate with its hosts;
  • Give a gift when you arrive
  • Follow the rhythm of the family (meals, going to bed, getting up, etc.);
  • Accept cultural or socio-economic differences;
  • Participate in household chores (clearing up after oneself, helping with housework or cooking, etc.);
  • Listening to conversations (ideal for learning English quickly).

The role of HEBE Adventures

Hebe is a platform for connecting foreign families and parents who wish to carry out a language exchange for their child or teenager.

The English host family living in Ireland is carefully and rigorously selected by our local correspondents who live all year round and often know them personally. It most often belongs to the middle class and is selected according to strict criteria: reception, moral value, comfort, etc., and is regularly checked.

Specific requests regarding the English family are taken into account by Hebe during registration and will try, as far as possible, to accommodate, if these are likely to meet the normal family selection criteria. On the other hand, it is important to inform us of any allergy or disease, special treatment, in order to inform the host family.

From our side, we will support you at every stage of setting up and monitoring your child's language exchange in Ireland, and we will ensure that your child gets the most out of their stay.

It is in this sense that HEBE Adventures was created to facilitate the process of family accommodation in Ireland. Our company has proven through its experience that it is the best correspondence site to find you an Irish host family, whether for children or teenagers. You can thus let your child go with complete peace of mind since our Irish correspondents have all been approved and validated when they registered.

Additionally, HEBE Adventures' reputation in the homestay accommodation business in Ireland is that it offers parents a one-stop shop for their child, providing them with ongoing 24/7 support. 7 as well as coordination with the Irish host family who are always attentive to the needs of their child.

We are waiting for you to put you in touch with the dream host family for your son or daughter. Join us now on HEBE Adventures!

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