The best English phrases to know for traveling

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The best English phrases to know for traveling

The English language occupies a preponderant place in the contemporary world, economically, politically and culturally. Here are some key points illustrating the weight and importance of English:

  1. Language of international communication: English is widely used as a language of international communication in the fields of commerce, diplomacy, science, technology and education. It is the working language of many international organizations such as the UN, NATO and the European Union.
  2. Business Language: In the business world, English is essential for business-to-business communication and contract negotiation on a global scale. Many multinational companies have adopted English as the official language of their operations.
  3. Access to information: Much technical documentation, academic textbooks, research articles and online resources are written in English. Mastery of English therefore opens access to a vast range of information and knowledge.
  4. Popular culture: English is the dominant language in music, film, television and literature. English-speaking pop culture influences lifestyles, trends and attitudes across the world.
  5. Tourism and Travel: English is often used as a lingua franca in the tourism industry, making it a valuable skill for tourism professionals and travelers.
  6. Education: Many universities and higher education institutions around the world offer academic programs in English. Proficiency in English is therefore essential for students wishing to study abroad or access world-renowned universities.
  7. Historical influence: The expansion of the British Empire throughout history contributed to the spread of the English language throughout the world. Today, even after the decline of the British Empire, English continues to have a significant influence due to the linguistic and cultural legacy left by the empire.
1. Hello, how are you?

English/French translation: Hello, how are you?

One of the most important English expressions for traveling is certainly “Hello, how are you?” » » «. Before starting a conversation with others, it is essential to greet them.

2. Could you help me, please?

English/French translation: Could you help me, please?

That's it, you are finally in England after a tiring day of travel! What is the first thing you want to do? See Big Ben or visit the royal family? However, you are lost... Use one of the essential English phrases when you travel... Simply ask for help from one of the passers-by during your journey and ask him this famous question "could you Please help me find your way!

3. How far is Big Ben from here? / Where is Big Ben?

English/French translation: Is Big Ben far from here? / Where is Big Ben?

A passerby agrees to help you? Ask him where the place you want to go is and he will tell you which way to go.

4. Could you repeat that, please?

English/French translation: Could you repeat, please?

However, the language in which you are answered does not resemble the language of Shakespeare? Do not panic ! Some English people and especially Australians simply have their own accent! You can ask the person to repeat it and everything will be fine. And if necessary: “slower, please!” " (Slowly please!). And don't forget to thank her with a "Thank you".

5. How much would it cost to get to…?

English/French translation: How much would it cost to get to…?

The journey is much too long and you have to take a taxi but it would be wise to find out the price before boarding.

6. Can I have the menu, please?

English/French translation: Can I have the menu, please?

You are extremely hungry and on the way you decide to go out to eat. Ask for the menu. And if you love adventure so much, why not try a typical dish?

7. I am allergic to nuts/mustard/dairy…

English/French translation: I am allergic to nuts/mustard/dairy products…

Certain phrases in English are essential when traveling, especially if it concerns your health... If you are allergic to certain ingredients, it is essential to inform the waiter.

8. Can I have some tap water, please?

English/French translation: Can I have some tap water, please?

To accompany your meal, what's better than a large glass of water?

9. Where are the toilets? (UK) / Where are the toilets? (UNITED STATES)

English/French translation: Where are the toilets?

You should know that traveling implies that there are English expressions that do not mean the same thing in two different countries. Do you need to go to the bathroom but can't find any directions? Ask the waiter where they are.

10. Can I have the invoice, please? (UK) / Can I have the check, please? (UNITED STATES)

English/French translation: Can I have the invoice, please?

Has it been more than 30 minutes since you finished your meal and the bill is slow to arrive? Ask politely!

In summary, English occupies a dominant position in the modern world due to its widespread use in many key areas of social, economic and cultural life. Its master's degree offers significant advantages in terms of access to professional opportunities, information and participation in the global community.

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