The best Summer Camps In Ireland

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The best Summer Camps In Ireland

Summer is a great opportunity for children to have a break from school and spend time dedicated to enjoying their hobbies or learning a new skill. Ireland has a whole host of summer camp options available, whether you are looking to start a new sport, get creative or build your confidence performing. There is something for everyone and whichever you choose, your child will be sure to make new friends, create memories and develop transferable skills which can be invaluable in later life. Here we pick out some of our favourite summer camps on offer in Ireland this summer. 


Sailing allows you to be out in the water, using teamwork and making friends. It’s a great skill to learn which will be relevant for years to come. Sailing camps are such a fun summer activity and will give the kids so many fun memories which they won’t forget. They’ll feel at peace with the world as they learn to glide across the water enjoying the scenery and making friends to work together with. 


One of the more niche camps but perfect for anyone wanting to learn a out of the ordinary skill. Golf is such a useful sport to learn as people like to play it socially. This is a good opportunity to learn so you never have to pass up an invite to play!


For anyone who loves thrill, the ocean and being active this camp is perfect! Surfing has so many amazing benefits from heart health and muscle tone to stress relief and flexibility. It can get your adrenaline pumping in the high points but also have you completely at peace when you relax between waves. It truly gives the best of both. Both challenging and rewarding this is an amazing skill to learn and one your child can keep building upon for holidays to come. 


This sport will develop children's teamwork skills which will be invaluable for career development. Kids will work together and learn where their strengths lie. Soccer offers amazing cardio but also more refined skills when it comes to dribbling and tricks. Since it is played in most schools, a summer of practice will mean your child can come back after the holidays to show off their new skills and feel accomplished with the improvement they’ve made.


Give your child important life skills whilst making friends and having fun in a creative and practical way. Cooking classes are perfect for any budding bakers who enjoy getting involved, learning recipes and developing a talent which they can show off when they arrive home. Not only is this camp fun and sociable but it will teach your child independence and hopefully encourage them to take over some of the work for the family mealtimes!


Does your child have a creative flare and love fashion? Nurture their unique interest at fashion camp, where they can design their own outfits and make them from scratch as they learn to sew and style! Since sewing machines can be quite pricey, this camp will give kids the opportunity to get a taster of how to sew for an affordable price to see if they want to pursue it further.

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