Summer camps: language stays for children and teenagers

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Summer camps: language stays for children and teenagers

When do the summer camps start?

Language summer camps are designed to allow students to make the most of their free time between two school periods. That's why the most popular time is between July and August - summer! It is during this period that it excites the widest variety of camps, ranging from prestigious historic buildings to state-of-the-art modern facilities. For parents looking for children's programs outside of the summer, there are also camps in the spring and fall, so he can continue his adventure throughout the year!

What languages are taught in the summer camps?

During their language stay, children will have the opportunity to study several languages, in a large number of different countries and cities. The most popular languages are English, French, Spanish and German.

The benefits of learning a foreign language in children:

  • Better recognition of sounds;
  • Better intuition;
  • Greater creativity;
  • Better tolerance for ambiguity.

Language courses in Ireland for children and teenagers

Language courses in Ireland for children and teenagers combine both total immersion in English and a magnificent setting. All the participating children who stayed in Ireland came back of course better in English but also delighted by the discovery of this magnificent country.

The language stay in Ireland will bring your children into contact with a country whose hospitality is legendary today. The Irish are also very talkative, and each meeting will be an opportunity to practice English in the most natural way possible.

Ireland is becoming a favorite destination in the world of language travel, and it's easy to see why. A language trip to Ireland will give your child the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the language while enjoying the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and rich culture. This allows children to experience one of the most welcoming and exciting European countries.

This program is now available at HEBE Adventures, it allows you to learn English very quickly. For children, this language stay in total immersion is to take advantage of to practice the language with the natives. Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for language travel. Although the first official language remains Gaelic, English is spoken by everyone in Ireland.

And that's where the role of HEBE Adventures comes in

HEBE Adventures is a contact platform that allows its parent members to organize language stays for children directly online. However, you create a personalized, friendly, secure and reasonably priced language stay for your child, individually or in a small family group, and regardless of where you want your child to go and also for the desired duration.

For parents wishing to improve their child's level of English, accommodation in a host family is the most complete linguistic tool for learning this language, since the child will learn to communicate from a daily throughout his stay by collecting information from native conversations of the English-speaking family who takes care of him

From our side, we will support you at every stage of setting up and monitoring your child's language exchange in Ireland, and we will ensure that your child gets the most out of your stay.

The selection we make to choose host families is based above all on the network we have in the different countries that make up our range of stays. Our local correspondents, present all year round on site, work intensively to select the families where your child will certainly feel comfortable during his language stay in Ireland or the United States. Our requirements and our seriousness allow us to offer you very high quality family language stays where your child will enjoy while learning a new language.

At Hebe, our very complete range of language courses in Ireland for children and teenagers allows you to make your choice throughout the year. You can be sure that your child will benefit from a program perfectly adapted to his requirements as well as to yours. If you want more information, you can go directly to our website to compare our language courses in Ireland.

That said, if you want your child to learn English while living in Ireland, it is imperative that they stay with an Irish host family, known to be welcoming and warm so that they can have a pleasant stay. and learn the art of speaking English fluently.

Finally, through an intuitive feedback system, parents can draw on the experience of a large number of parents and children who have already stayed with a host family in Ireland, in order to be able to have a objective, enlightened and reliable opinion on your child's linguistic exchange with his future English correspondent.

So what are you waiting for to give your child the opportunity to learn English via a language trip to Ireland? Hébé Adventures is waiting for you, we are always at your service.

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