Study holiday in England

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Study holiday in England

Three years ago, (but I have the feeling that it happened in another life), I left for a 3-week study holiday   in Bath , England, a city whose existence I had not known until then.

It was a project organized by my high school and financed with European funds, to allow the most deserving students to improve their English in the United Kingdom.
Knowing English has become of fundamental importance, not only for travelling, but also and above all in the workplace, and it is stimulating to know that the EU invests in the education of us young people.

In that period I stayed with a girl from my school (who I didn't know then, while today she is one of my dearest friends), with a young couple, appropriately selected by the organizing agency.
Very kind and perpetually cheerful, they were affectionate and thoughtful throughout the entire period of our stay. It is also thanks to them that our stay was pleasant, for those days they managed to make us feel part of their family.

During those weeks, to perfect the language, we attended an English course at the Kaplan School .
Lessons took place every morning from Monday to Friday, from 9.15am to 12.30pm, with a 15 minute break.
Furthermore, in the afternoon we took strengthening courses to prepare to take the IELTS test , an English certification that is required to be able to study and work in an English-speaking country.
The Monday following our arrival we took a test to evaluate our knowledge in order to be assigned to the right course.
The lessons were well organised, the courses are divided by level with the possibility of making "jumps" to higher ones. The classes are made up of people from all over the world and of the most different ages, my classmate was a 70-year-old Swiss lady from the French canton who had decided to take a course to improve her English.
My teacher, Mervin, was a man with a really interesting past and a thousand stories to tell, before teaching English in England, he had taught in India and a few other Asian countries. You could spend hours and hours listening to all his stories.
In the evening Kaplan organized recreational evenings with all the kids who attended the courses in some pubs.
On weekends, however, excursions were organized to neighboring cities and the main tourist destinations: London , Oxford , Bristol , Salinsbury , Wells , Stonehenge .

In those 21 days I noticed that I managed to improve my English, enriching it with new words. In addition to studying English grammar at school, the most useful thing was to constantly use the language in everyday life, in the pharmacy, at the bar or in a shop.
Staying with a family was of fundamental importance, every day it was necessary to use one's knowledge to "make oneself understood". Obviously none of our host family spoke Italian so English was the only way to communicate.

I remember those 3 weeks as one of the most beautiful experiences of my adolescence/life.
It was the first time I had been away from home for so long and it wasn't as tragic and traumatic as people often make it out to be.
It was a journey that allowed me to grow, mature and challenge my limits.
Living with an English family I had the opportunity to approach a lifestyle, schedules, culture and traditions different from my own. I felt like a citizen of the world and for the first time I understood that the desire to go and live in another country is not a crazy idea, in fact day after day it seemed more and more achievable.
Taking a study holiday to learn a language is truly an excellent investment.
Today there are several organizations that allow you to book a "holiday" of this type, just do some searches on Google and connect to the website of the school you prefer to obtain all the necessary information (cost, accommodation, courses).
I don't think there is a better way than this that allows you to learn and, why not, have fun. My experience was very positive and I recommend it to anyone.

Study holidays in Ireland & Northern Ireland

Ireland is becoming one of the favorite destinations for study holidays and it is easy to understand the reason for its growing popularity. Studying English in Ireland is a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the language, take advantage of a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and discover a rich and exciting culture up close. ESL has many years of experience in offering English courses in Ireland suitable for all types of students, who can explore one of the friendliest and warmest nations in Europe.

Why study English in Ireland?

  • English courses in Ireland or Northern Ireland are a fantastic opportunity to consistently speak, read and hear English around you.
  • Both Ireland and Northern Ireland have a rich culture that you'll want to discover more of. The welcoming locals will be the ideal interlocutors to put your new language skills into practice!
  • The size of the island makes it perfect to explore. Plus, you'll love the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of these beautiful historic landscapes.

Where can I take English courses in Ireland?

Ireland is an ever-growing study holiday destination and you will now find numerous English schools and courses across the country. Study English in the lively and bustling capital Dublin or head out to the countryside to experience the authentic Irish lifestyle in Cork , Bray or Galway . Northern Ireland is also a popular choice, with the small but friendly capital Belfast , where you can discover a different side of the UK and quickly improve your English language immersion skills.

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