Studying a foreign language in Europe

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Studying a foreign language in Europe

Studying abroad while on vacation is an opportunity to learn a second language quickly and achieve great results. More and more students are evaluating this opportunity because it allows them to come into contact with a new culture and to live experiences that they can treasure in the future.

Europe is one of the most popular destinations to learn a second language. It is a concentration of cultures, languages and history.

Even though English has become the most widely spoken language, there are others that are very useful to learn. For example Spanish and Portuguese, spoken in South America. Or French, spoken in Canada and some African countries.

In this article we will look at some of the European destinations where it is possible to learn a second language by attending summer courses.

Summer English courses in Ireland

With 1.5 billion people, English ranks first among the most spoken languages in the world. Many students choose to spend their holidays in English to improve their knowledge of the language, pronunciation and accent.

There are many reasons why learning English is beneficial. It is essential for work, especially in the commercial, financial and tourism sectors. But it is also essential to know how to communicate around the world, whether you travel for pleasure or for business. It is therefore important for young people because it allows them to create opportunities for growth and success.

Among the favorite destinations for European students are the United Kingdom, Malta and Ireland.

The latter has become a popular destination for those wanting to spend a holiday in the English language. Summer English courses can be attended in a stay lasting a few weeks. Among the preferred accommodation solutions, there is the stay with a host family, now widespread and appreciated reality. In fact, contact with local people helps the learning of English, as well as the knowledge of a new culture.

Among the favorite destinations are Dublin, Galway and Cork, cities more on a human scale than the English metropolises. Ireland also offers a landscape full of natural beauty, ideal for those who want to make the most of their summer holidays. The country is also known for its welcoming people and its level of security, which is among the highest in the world.

As far as the English summer courses are concerned, the preparation of the teachers is high, as is the level of the teaching programs. For this reason, young people who want to be sure of learning English in a short time find Ireland to be the optimal place to achieve their goals.

Summer Spanish courses in Spain

Ranked as the fourth most spoken language in the world, Spanish is spoken by

more than 500 million people in the world. In Europe, Spanish is only spoken in Spain. However, it is a great second language to learn, as it allows you to speak to many Central and Latin American countries.

After the summer English courses, the Spanish courses are the most requested by students from all over the world. Summer is also an excellent time to spend your holidays in Spain, thanks to the warm climate and the numerous cities on the Mediterranean coast, very popular tourist destinations for foreigners. Among the students' favorite cities are Madrid and Barcelona, lively places rich in history, art and culture. Or Malaga on the south coast, where you can combine studying with beach life.

Summer French courses in France  

Nearly 300 million people around the world speak French, which ranks fifth among the most widely spoken languages. Although it no longer has the commercial appeal it did a few years ago, French is a very useful language to learn. Among the European states where it is widespread are Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg and some parts of Switzerland and Italy. In the rest of the world, French is spoken in parts of Canada, Haiti and many regions of Africa, especially in the north, such as Morocco and Lebanon.

Among the favorite destinations for students there are certainly the capital Paris and some cities on the French Riviera, chosen above all for the pleasant climate during the summer.

Summer Portuguese courses in Portugal

Portuguese ranks only 9th in the ranking of the most spoken languages in the world. However, it is the official language of Brazil and is also spoken in Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique. Its diffusion is due to the colonial success of Portugal, which has affected countries all over the world.

Students are interested in Portuguese especially for job opportunities with companies or organizations where knowledge of the language is required. Italians and Spanish also have an advantage due to linguistic similarities. So they take the opportunity to learn a second language without much effort.

Portugal is a splendid country in which to spend a study holiday, with breathtaking landscapes along the Atlantic coast and a mild climate all year round.

Summer German courses in Germany

Although it does not have the diffusion of Spanish, French and Portuguese, German is spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in the Trentino region of northern Italy.

Learning German is a good opportunity to create job opportunities abroad. Furthermore, it is a must for anyone working in the tourism sector. Indeed, German tourists are known for their interest in traveling and exploring the world. Knowing German, in addition to English, certainly adds points to someone who wants to be successful in this area.

Summer is a great time to study German in Germany, although many students opt for longer study programs of up to a year. Favorite destinations include Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.

Summer Italian course in Italy

Italian is certainly not one of the most spoken languages in the world. Despite this, Italy is one of the favorite destinations for European students participating in language exchange or student exchange programs, such as Erasmus. Here they can find a welcoming population, as well as a country rich in history, culture and local traditions. This is why Italian courses are becoming increasingly popular. Among the favorite cities are the Italian Bologna, home to the historic university, where you can attend high-level training courses. Or there are the more famous Rome and Milan, which offer a mix of history, art and entertainment.

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