English keyboard signs and symbols

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English keyboard signs and symbols

Please note that the availability of these methods may depend on the operating system and type of keyboard you are using. Here are some common options:

On Windows:

  1. Alt Keys + Numeric Codes:
  • Hold down the "Alt" key and, while holding it down, enter the corresponding numeric code using the numeric keypad. For example, Alt + 0169 produces the copyright symbol (©).
  • Symbol Key on Keyboard:
    • On some keyboards, you can find a key with a symbol (usually near the space bar) that allows you to access special characters.

    On macOS:

    1. Option/Alt keys:
    • Hold down the "Option" key (also labeled "Alt" on some keyboards) and press another key to generate special characters.
  • Character Viewer:
    • Open the "Character Viewer" from the text input menu in the menu bar. You can find and copy various symbols from there.

    On Linux:

    1. Desktop environment-specific key combinations:
    • In many Linux desktop environments, you can use specific key combinations to access special characters. For example, in GNOME, you can use "Ctrl + Shift + U" followed by a Unicode code.

    On mobile devices:

    1. Virtual keyboard :
    • Some virtual keyboards on mobile devices (iOS, Android) allow you to access special symbols by holding down a key.
  • Symbol keyboards:
    • Switch to a symbol or emoji keyboard to access a variety of special characters.

    These are general guidelines and may vary depending on the device and operating system you are using. If you have a specific need for symbols and special characters, you can also search for Unicode code tables that provide the codes for each character.

    If you have to use English in your office, at work meetings, or with your friends, it will be good for you to know the signs and symbols on the English keyboard. It is one of those questions that we do not usually ask ourselves until the time comes to use them. Perhaps, on some occasion you have been confused because you did not understand exactly what they were telling you. Today we come to your aid with a list in which we have tried to collect them all.

    A complete list

    No more putting on a poker face when you give you an email address and you don't know where to put the at sign. Yes, at in English you say 'at' and if you don't know it, it will probably go unnoticed since they will give you the email spelling it out. You know, as the team of teachers at Global Link Languages warns , spelling is almost a national sport in the UK, since in English words are not written as they are pronounced. Therefore, it will be good for you to know and memorize how HE They call the signs and symbols on the English keyboard . Try it, I'm sure some will escape you.

    Sign/Symbol English Spanish

    . Full stop Point and follow (UK)

    . Period Punto y followed (USA)

    . Dot Dot in a URL or an email

    , Comma Comma

    : Colon Two points

    ; Semicolon Semicolon

    …Ellipsis/Three dots Ellipsis

    ' Apostrophe Apostrophe

    * Asterisk or star Asterisk

    ~ Tilde Tilde de la ñ / Virgulilla

    ´ Acute accent

    ` Grave accent

    ˆ Circumflex Circumflex accent

    ¨ Diaeresis Diaeresis

    – Hyphen Script to join compound words

    – Dash Long dash (subsection in sentence, dialogue)

    _ Underscore Underscore


    “ ” Double quotes Quotes

    ' ' Single quotes

    « » Guillemets Latin quotation marks

    ? Question mark

    ! Exclamation mark

    ( ) Parentheses Parentheses

    [ ] Brackets Brackets

    { } Curly braces Braces

    @ At Arroba

    #Hash Pad

    < Less than Greater than

    > Greater than Less than

    | Bar or pipe Vertical bar

    / Forward slash Slash

    \Backslash Backslash

    + Plus More

    − Minus Minus

    = Equal sign Same as

    % Percent Percent

    ° Degree Degree

    £ Pound sign Pound symbol

    € Euro sign Euro symbol

    $ Dollar sign Dollar symbol

    & Ampersand & English

    • Bullet Vignette

    ^ Caret Caret

    © Copyright symbol Copyright symbol

    ® Registered trademark Registered trademark symbol

    ¶ Pilcrow Paragraph Sign/Show All in Word

    ⇧ Upper-case symbol Symbol to activate upper case

    ⇪ Caps lock Caps on symbol

    ⇥ Tab character Indent symbol

    ← Backspace Delete symbol to the left

    ↲ Enter Return symbol

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