Language stay for teenagers in the country of your choice

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Language stay for teenagers in the country of your choice

Turn your teen's school vacation into an incredible adventure with trips abroad! Fly him to one of our destinations for teens and let him discover a new country, a new culture and meet young people from all over the world.

Teach your teen a language in the city of their dreams

Studying a new language abroad means discovering the world and making friends for life. All the reasons are good to teach a language to your teenager, whether for their professional future, to travel more easily or simply for the pleasure of learning. On the other hand, we know that some languages are more useful than others, such as English, Spanish and German.

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world: present on many continents, it is essential in many professions as well as for travelling.

All activities are in English and the accompanying staff is bilingual. These are two good options for a first language immersion experience in destinations such as England, Scotland, Ireland and Spain.

Language stays adapted to the age of your teenager thanks to an evolving course

The stakes of the linguistic stay are not the same according to the age of the participant, this is why it is necessary to find a course adapting to the age group of your teenager corresponding to one of the following school levels : 10-13 years old - secondary school language stay, 14-17 years old - high school language stay.

To take the language stay for teens a step further, bilingual teams accompany participants to the United Kingdom, England, Ireland, Germany or even Spain, where they will experience total immersion in the English language around a strong theme. Teenagers will be pampered by qualified staff throughout the day, as part of activities or moments of relaxation before bedtime. They will also discover an international environment by communicating with the centre's English-speaking staff. Each stay includes an excursion to a world famous tourist attraction.

Language stay for teens in Spanish

A sunny and warm European destination, Spain is a perfect country to experience an unforgettable adventure during school holidays in Spain. This country conceals an incalculable number of sumptuous landscapes and splendid architectural treasures, as well as an immensely rich gastronomy and cultural heritage, whether in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville or Malaga. In addition to unmissable monuments and museums, teen interns will stay in the most beautiful Spanish cities!

Language stay for teens in English

HEBE Adventures was created to facilitate the English language exchange process with host families in Ireland. Our company has proven through experience that it is the best pen pal site to find you the perfect English pen pal in Ireland. You can thus let your teenager go with peace of mind since our English-speaking families have all been approved and validated during their registration.

We organize our language stays for teens around four main areas: cultural immersion, intensive language work, the practice of sports or thematic activities, combined with moments of relaxation. Thus, we do everything to ensure that our trainees are fully immersed in the desired language and culture. Whether for lessons or activities, our teachers and monitors are qualified professionals who will be able to help each of the participants to improve in the desired language while having fun.

The Hebe Adventures team is also aware that children and teenagers need a good balance between learning and moments of relaxation. Holidays should remain holidays: this is why our holiday programs combine language courses and themed, sports and relaxation activities.

The reputation of HEBE Adventures in the field of language exchange for teens thing is that she offers parents a multi-service for their child, providing them with continuous assistance 24/7 as well as coordination with the host family who is always attentive to their needs.

So what are you waiting for to give your teenager the opportunity to learn a new language through a language exchange? Hébé Adventures is waiting for you, we are always at your service.

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