Do you know what is the best way to teach a foreign language to your grandchildren?

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Do you know what is the best way to teach a foreign language to your grandchildren?

It is known to all that France has long been among the last in the ranking of European countries with the most skills in foreign languages. The 2012 SurveyLang survey confirmed this observation.

The main problem raised was not a lack of hours of English lessons in the school career, but that the learning of foreign languages came late in the education of children. Following this constant, the recommendations of the experts had been to implement language courses, in particular learning English, from the age of 3 years. That said, an English language exchange abroad is a fantastic opportunity for your child to immerse themselves in the most spoken language in the world! Whether you choose an English language stay in England, Ireland or Malta, or even further afield with a host family in the United States or England.

Learn English from kindergarten

Studies have shown that babies and children retain words from a language through repetition. It is therefore never too early to teach your child to speak more than one language. Moreover, as we often like to say, children are like sponges when they are very young, so they have a greater facility than adults in absorbing information and therefore languages. In addition, learning English at an early age has several benefits for your child. This makes it easier for him to learn a third language later, for example.

It is also said that learning foreign languages at a very young age promotes the child's sensitivity to his way of communicating, to the grammar of languages and this also allows him to develop greater cognitive abilities.

Learn English from 3 years old and better

Another problem that explains the low level of French in languages is that of the learning methodology in schools. According to the YouGov survey, 47% of parents questioned on the teaching of English to their children indicated that the children finish their school course without mastering English because the practice of speaking and listening is poor.

The education expert at the OECD, Éric Charbonnier quoted that in the Nordic countries, children are exposed to listening to English very early on via television. Watching a cartoon in English, for example, helps develop sound recognition. Thus, having a playful pedagogy is very important.

Finally, learning English better means learning from the age of 3, but above all learning in a small group. In the YouGov survey cited above, parents of students indicated that English language learning is inefficient because there are too many students in a language class.

Generally, classes can be up to 30 students. This does not allow the teacher to follow each of the students or that each student can express himself or converse with the others.

Practicing therefore boils down to an immersive experience in its own right which is increasingly part of career objectives to make a difference. It is in this sense that an English pen pal will make all the difference in your child's learning of the English language. In particular, it offers the possibility of opening up to other perspectives, such as getting closer to local establishments to pursue a course of higher education in the future.

However, in order for your children to make real progress in English, there is nothing like finding them a safe and effective English pen pal. You can also find an English penpal to improve the language skills of your older children or teenagers.

Hebe Adventures is the solution to find you the perfect English pen pal for your child

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Your child will be able to take full advantage of their stay with the English correspondent that you have chosen according to your own criteria. In addition, with HEBE Adventures, the language exchange to teach your child English with a host family in Ireland can be normal or intensive, at the pace you want. On the other hand, our Irish host families provide the children with accommodation and meals, organize excursions and social activities as well as authentic cultural immersion in their everyday life.

The reputation of HEBE Adventures in hosting English-speaking families in Ireland thing is that she offers parents a unique package of services for their child, providing them with continuous 24/7 assistance as well as coordination with English-speaking families who are attentive to their needs.

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