Can you say what level of English you have?

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Can you say what level of English you have?

At present, English has become a necessity, since it is increasingly common to have certain skills to be able to perform certain jobs, or simply for your leisure time such as reading articles or establishing relationships with English-speaking people. Therefore, knowing our level of English can be a key factor in many aspects.

When talking about the levels of English, we must take into account those currently established, which are: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. These levels are further divided into specific titles such as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. This means that a person with a basic level starts at A1, then A2 and works his way up to C2, which is the advanced level. In Baccalaureate the level acquired by students is B1.

But how can we find out our level of English? Maybe you have been studying the language for a few years, but you don't really know what level you have, but it can be very important to know what your exact level is. The first step to find out is to take one of the existing official exams, such as First, IELTS or PET. Ideal exams to accurately determine a person's knowledge of a language, ranging from the simplest (although not easy) to expert exams such as C2.

Official certificates have many uses, from applying for a scholarship to a foreign university to applying for a position in an international company. In many countries there are job offers that require a C1 or C2 level, but sometimes it is not necessary to get an official exam to prove your knowledge, but to demonstrate it in a job interview by showing that you are able to hold an expert-level conversation or performing entrance exams in this language. For this reason, a self-assessment is important, since by collecting the relevant information you can have a clear idea of your level of English, which is sometimes not easy to discover.

Learning English is a valuable tool that opens many doors for us, and also helps us to connect with people from different cultures, to maintain motivation and creativity. Therefore, it is important to find out our level of English in order to continue advancing. If you are a beginner, don't worry because you are on the right path, since there are several tools at your disposal to progress in this wonderful language. If you are an expert, it is always good to review and keep practicing. Do you already know what your level of English is? If you don't know, go ahead and find out.


It is true that most people today need a good level of English in order to develop both professionally and academically. Therefore, when preparing for the exam to find out what our level of English is, it is necessary to know the different official levels that exist.

In Spain, there are two official models to measure your knowledge of English: the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the Cambridge Exam format. Each of them contains a series of different official titles. Let's see a list with the main titles that we find in the different levels of English:

- Level A1 (Initial): This is the first stage of your English learning journey. It is mainly aimed at those who still have difficulties programming simple sentences and understanding the spoken and written language. In order to pass an A1 level test, you will need a basic knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and intonation.

- Level A2 (Elementary): Once you have passed level A1, you can go directly to level A2. At this level, a greater number of words are already offered, as well as a deeper level of understanding of the grammar and structure of the language. You also learn to read more inherent texts and write in the appropriate vocabulary, so that others understand the writing better.

- Level B1 (Pre-Intermediate): From level B1, the emphasis shifts from learning grammar and structure to conversation. At this level, you will learn to speak fluently, understand increasingly complex texts and express yourself naturally. In addition, you will achieve a good level of reading comprehension, as well as an adequate vocabulary for each situation.

- Level B2 (Intermediate): At this level, you will find an extremely high level of comprehension, both oral and written. You will learn to interpret the context of the different conversations, as well as to express yourself with an advanced language both in simple sentences and in more complex sentences.

- Level C1 and C2 (Advanced): Upon reaching levels C1 and C2, you will see that your comprehension and speaking fluency are already very good. You will speak in academic language and express your ideas clearly. In addition, you will handle a wide variety of vocabulary, you will be able to express your ideas in a convincing and complex way, and you will understand all the nuances and situations of the conversation.

To prepare the exams for each level of English, it is advisable to use specialized tools. Also remember the importance of continuing to practice the language outside of class, such as in conversations with friends, watching television programs in English, reading or watching movies, of course in English. It is important both for intonation and accent and for remembering vocabulary.

And you, do you already know what your level of English is? If the knowledge you have doesn't allow you to get the official label you need, don't hesitate and get ready to get it. Discover what are the levels of English that exist, what is needed to pass an exam and get down to work to achieve the desired level. Passing your English exam will be totally achievable if you make an effort to study.

The truth is that knowledge of a second language such as English is not only considered a key tool for professional and academic success, but it really opens the door to a complete learning experience by giving us the opportunity to travel, participate in various activities, sharing culture and, of course, improving knowledge on technical, social and business issues. Identify your level of English and plan your goals to reach B2, the official level required in most universities. Starting right now with the resources that we have told you about, you will soon be able to show your effective level of English and your knowledge.

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