What could be better than practicing your child's English in a host family?

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What could be better than practicing your child's English in a host family?

If taking English language lessons for your child is a good solution to familiarize themselves with the language of Shakespeare, going to an English host family to immerse themselves is still the best linguistic tool.

Scientific and neurological studies have proven that up to the age of 15, children can memorize a second language as if it were their mother tongue. It is therefore recommended to immerse your child or teenager in an English-speaking environment as soon as possible.

And yes, it's no longer a secret for anyone: English is a universal language. In this context, knowing how to speak English very early prepares your child for a favorable professional integration. So better than a language course at school, it is important to ensure that your child is confronted with the English language on a daily basis, in addition to everyday life. By mobilizing playful teaching techniques that will be pleasing to him.

During childhood, language learning should not be seen as an obligation. It might seem strange to teach English to children. Well know that even before they know how to write, they retain the phonemes and pronunciation of a foreign language better than an adult.

So, from what age to teach English to the youngest?

We would say between the ages of 3 and 15. Because beyond that, learning will be slower. And above all, the longer your child delays becoming an English speaker, the less likely he will be to become bilingual later on.

Using English everyday with your child is an effective language tool

As a parent, you are your child's benchmark and generally the example to follow. Use the English language in everyday situations! Practicing English on a regular basis allows for better assimilation. Do not hesitate for example to cook with him in English, or to speak English to him at bath time. This will effectively initiate it.

Learning English on a daily basis for the youngest can bring them many benefits

The child will benefit from real intellectual stimulation: it has been scientifically proven that bilingual or almost bilingual children have greater faculties of conceptualization, symbolism and analysis.

The child will learn faster: stimulated from his first words, the child living in a multilingual environment already has the baggage to understand the learning of other foreign languages during his schooling. An ease of oral expression that will help him to express himself easily during his studies. The child will open up to the world: learning English will arouse the child's curiosity to understand the cultures and the world around him.

Speaking a second language (or foreign language) other than the child's mother tongue on a daily basis is an opportunity that will serve him throughout his school career, but also later during his professional development.

It is important to alternate English and French at different times of the day. Be an example for him. At first, the child will surely mix up idioms and expressions, but they will quickly learn to use them appropriately.

Linguistic exchange in an English host family: what interests?

Why go abroad, whatever the age of your child, when you can take private lessons at home with our teachers or take lessons in a French educational establishment?

Traveling abroad allows you to first learn a foreign language by being immersed from morning to evening in the language and culture of the country concerned.

Learning to speak English in an English host family will both provide intensive lessons from a native teacher (the family) as well as learning in a relaxed way.

The child will be able to share meals with his host family, participate in household chores and have joint activities, which will help him progress without any constraint.

Thus the child will learn without having the impression of reviewing entire pages to learn English grammar, irregular verbs and English vocabulary.

What could be better than practicing your child's English in Ireland?

Also known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is renowned for its stunning, vivid green landscapes, quaint little villages, turbulent history, people's love of music and storytelling, its famous writers including Yeats, Joyce, Beckett and above all, for the hospitality of its people.

Indeed, over the past few years, Ireland has transformed into an incredible tourist destination for travelers from all over the world, especially children and youngsters who are increasingly staying with Irish host families in order to to perfect their English. Indeed, Irish hospitality has made the reputation of this country and more and more parents trust Irish families as part of a perfect language exchange for their child.

So, teaching your child English in Ireland is not just about spending the day at home. It's also about taking road trips through the emerald countryside to see the Giant's Causeway; it's all about chatting and singing the night away with English-speaking Irish people or spending an afternoon in a Donegal bookshop. Overall, learning English in Ireland can be all of this and more, it's up to you when you want to give your child the opportunity to start!

English-speaking host families living in Ireland and HEBE Adventures

In order to help you benefit from this effective and efficient linguistic tool in a smooth way, the Hebe team is available day and night to accompany each host family and each child throughout the world. In addition, we have host families waiting for your child's travel period.

It is in this sense that HEBE Adventures was created to facilitate the process of family accommodation in Ireland. Our company has proven through its experience that it is the best correspondence site to find you an Irish host family, whether for children or teenagers. You can thus let your child go with complete peace of mind since our Irish correspondents have all been approved and validated when they registered.

Even more, in case your child does not enjoy the language exchange experience with their current host family, it is possible to move and start enjoying their English language learning tool again with d other English-speaking families available on our Hébé platform.

Finally, through an intuitive opinion system, parents can first rely on the experience of a large number of children and parents from different countries in various English-speaking families, in order to be able to have an objective, informed opinion. and reliable on the world's most powerful homestay language tool, which aims to accelerate your child's English learning.

So what are you waiting for to find the perfect host family for your son or daughter? Join us now.

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