Which English language exchange should you choose for your child?

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Which English language exchange should you choose for your child?

During their English language exchange with a host family in England, your child will have access to English lessons adapted to their level, age and needs. He will benefit from our modern, interactive, varied educational methods, and based on the latest technology media. Several types of language stays in English to choose from (one week or more) are available to you, whether for children or teenagers.

Why offer an English language exchange to your child?

Immersion in the land of Shakespeare's language is the best way to learn and improve your English. Thus, during a linguistic exchange, he will acquire a fluent and spontaneous practice. This allows your child to more easily assimilate idiomatic expressions and linguistic peculiarities, which will make him a "fluent speaker in English"!

When English is acquired during a language exchange, it is easier for your child to integrate the lessons and memorize them; much simpler than learning it in middle school, high school, or through language learning books.

On the other hand, for younger children, the fact of living an immersive experience during a language exchange away from their family builds character, and consequently develops a keen sense of autonomy. Thus, the fact of exchanging each day with locals abroad undoubtedly accentuates the mastery of the language.

Immersion in England during a language stay is the best solution for in-depth and lasting English learning. Moreover, what a pleasure for your child to study the language, while discovering a part of Great Britain. Languages are not only learned through lessons in classrooms. They are also acquired through contact with people, when one discovers their history, their culture, their way of life. The language exchange in English then becomes a fantastic adventure.

A host family in England is ideal for many reasons

England, Great Britain's flagship country, is a more easily accessible destination than the United States, Australia, Canada, or even Malta, because it is closer to home. From Paris, the Eurostar takes you to London in less than 2 hours, just like air transport from any city in France. Ideal for school holidays for example. Not insignificant also, the prices are more affordable.

The opportunity to also give your child the benefit of a vast choice in terms of destinations and activities. England, ideally located alongside Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales, offers a multitude of things to discover, whether in the capital of London, or in cities like Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge, Brighton, or Eastbourne.

The possibility of studying English in a country renowned for the quality of its teaching, as demonstrated by the worldwide reputation of the universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

A language trip to England will give your child the opportunity to learn English with a British accent; accent with such a distinguished tone. However, if you decide to let your child go to London, he may discover multiple accents: Hispanic, Asian, Indian, etc.

Hebe Adventures: the best matchmaking site to find the perfect English host family for your child

With the Hebe Adventures language exchange program, your child will spend a lot of time with a host family in Ireland who have children of the same age. He will be able to speak English continuously throughout his trip and even choose to attend one of the many summer camps in Ireland. From golf, horse riding, rugby camps and more, we offer a range of exciting activities for your child's language exchange.

These, coupled with daily interactions with the Irish host family, will allow your child to practice, improve and build confidence in their conversational English whilst having fun in a safe and secure environment. Every homestay in Ireland is police vetted as well as verified and certified by Hebe Adventures to ensure they meet Hebe standards. Our team will remain an active point of contact throughout the process to support you and your child and ensure that all parties involved have a great experience.

HEBE Adventures has proven through experience that it is the best pen pal site to find you the perfect Irish pen pal, whether for kids or teens. Browse the advertisements of our various English-speaking host families and find the ideal correspondent who shares your passions and those of your children or teenagers.

Thus, you can let your child go in peace since our English-speaking correspondents have all been approved and validated during their registration. Indeed, all our host families go through a very strict identification and security procedure when they register. You can therefore choose an English-speaking correspondent for your children with complete peace of mind, focusing only on areas of common interest.

Quickly choose the type of stay you want your child to experience, these stays range from the city to the countryside. Join us now!

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