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Why choose Ireland as a language exchange destination for your child.

By Famworld
Why choose Ireland as a language exchange destination for your child.


Ireland is an excellent choice of destination for your child to do a language exchange and improve their English, because it is located not far from Switzerland, France, Belgium or Luxembourg. It takes approximately 1h30 between Paris and Dublin, 1h30 between Brussels and Dublin and 2h15 between Geneva and Dublin. This proximity greatly reassures the parents of children wishing to make their first language stay abroad.


The Irish are known to be a warm, welcoming and extremely kind people. Their culture and traditions have been largely shaped by a painful past and Celtic legends. This innate sense of hospitality allows everyone to quickly feel at ease and naturally promotes exchanges. Ireland is therefore the ideal destination for a language exchange with an English host family in complete immersion or with a teacher. Irish host families will make your child live their daily life with simplicity and will introduce him to their traditions.

Music and partying are ubiquitous in Ireland and are an integral part of Irish traditions and folklore. It is not uncommon to attend a live concert in a pub, or to attend an improvised gathering of musicians who are having a great time!


Commonly called "the Emerald Isle", Ireland is a superb and enchanting country, which will not fail to surprise your child during his language stay. Depending on the region, your child will discover wild landscapes dressed in bright green, forests and deep valleys, magnificent lakes and rivers where thousands of fish abound, colorful and picturesque villages, spectacular Cliffs of Moher, a foamy sea which stretches as far as the eye can see, small medieval cities with intact architecture, young and lively cities like Cork, Galway or Limerick and a capital, Dublin, dynamic, cosmopolitan and on a human scale, so many treasures that will not be missed seduce your child, surprise him and captivate him during his language stay in Ireland.


Sport holds a very important place in Ireland. It is therefore the ideal destination for a language exchange combining the practice of English with the practice of a sporting activity such as horse riding, golf, nautical activities, fishing, but also tennis, rugby and soccer.


Dublin is a very pleasant city on a human scale. It is indeed smaller than some metropolises or other European capitals. It is therefore relatively easy to cover it on foot, in a few days and without rushing. Dublin is also one of the “youngest” European capitals. Indeed, there are 50% of young people under 25 years old.
It is therefore naturally a very popular destination for children and teenagers, anxious to improve their English as part of a language exchange in Dublin.


Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Adobe and Amazon have their European headquarters in Dublin. It is therefore the ideal place for your child to start a professional career abroad, once their language training is complete. You should also know that EU, EEA and Swiss nationals have the right to work in Ireland without a visa and without a work permit and have the same rights as an Irish citizen.

Language exchange in Ireland

In order to provide a pleasant and serene language exchange for your child, it is essential to choose an accommodation intermediary who has proven its quality and experience in managing English-speaking host families, in particular Irish host families. Where does the role and mission of our company HEBE Adventures come from, which was designed to meet the expectations of different parents around the world by improving the experience of English language exchange among the youngest.

Thanks to Hebe Adventures, you will find an English correspondent who shares the same passions and interests as your child. In order to help you select the ideal family (based on your personal, religious and dietary preferences), you can consult the different profiles and opinions of members of the Hebe community. With secure messaging, you and your child can get to know the chosen family directly. Over the course of the exchanges, friendship is created even before the meeting.

However, your child deserves to have a safe language exchange by learning about Irish culture, connecting with new environments and places, and perfecting their English in a relaxed way.

It is for this reason that the safety of your child is our top priority, hence the implementation of several accommodation safety measures in Ireland.

Hébé performs background checks on all Irish families to ensure that no family member has a criminal record. Hébé also personally visits each host family in Ireland before the family welcomes your child as part of their English language exchange.

And like that, by being part of the Hebe community, your child learns English in safety, while creating new friendships and having a memorable experience.

HEBE Adventures' reputation in the accommodation field for English-speaking families is that it offers parents a unique service package for their child, providing them with continuous 24/7 assistance and coordination with Irish host families who listen to their needs.

So what are you waiting for to find a good English pen pal for your son or daughter? Hébé Adventures is at your disposal to help you find the best language exchange for your child.

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