Why Host Family Accommodation is the Best Language Tool to Teach Your Child English

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Why Host Family Accommodation is the Best Language Tool to Teach Your Child English


It is well known in the field of language learning that accommodation with a host family is the best linguistic tool to learn a given language, more particularly the English language which is considered to be the most popular spoken language. in the world.

Indeed, the universal language on an international scale is the language of Shakespeare, namely English. This rich, fluid language is shared by thousands of people around the world in a variety of accents and punctuations, but the communicative core of the language remains the same. This language allows you to interact and communicate with the majority of countries around the world, whether in America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia, while allowing you to integrate into their cultures and traditions. of their communities.

For parents wishing to improve their child's level of English, accommodation in a host family is the most complete linguistic tool for learning this language, since the child will learn to communicate from a daily throughout his stay by collecting information from native conversations of the English-speaking family who takes care of him. Parents notice from the first days the speed of learning this language via this technique compared to more academic linguistic tools such as dictionaries or class lessons.

English-speaking host families and HEBE Adventures

In order to provide a pleasant and serene experience for your child, it is essential to choose an accommodation intermediary who has proven its quality and experience in managing English-speaking host families. Where does the role and mission of our company HEBE Adventures come from, which was designed to meet the expectations of different parents around the world by improving the international English learning experience for the youngest.

At HEBE Adventures, we aim to give parents that peace of mind to choose a safe and efficient accommodation intermediary, so they no longer have to worry about where your child is going or what kind of family they will be living with. with. Hebe is at the service of young travelers around the world by helping them find a host home away from home, so that they can practice the most effective language tool in the world in terms of learning English, namely a continuous daily communication within an English-speaking host family.

By offering an embarrassment of choices of friendly and experienced host families at your disposal, Hebe gives your child access to the world's most powerful language tool for learning English by coordinating you with reputable English-speaking pen pals by their seriousness, kindness and joie de vivre.

Your child deserves to discover the world in complete safety, learning new cultures, connecting with a new environment and new places, while perfecting their English in a serene way. This is why the safety of your child is our top priority, hence the implementation of three major accommodation security measures.

  • Police control:

Hébé performs a background check on all families to ensure that no family member has a criminal record.

  • Hebe Verification:

Hébé personally visits each foster family before the family welcomes your child.

  • Personal Verification:

Parents have the right to communicate with the host family before booking your son or daughter's trip.

The reputation of HEBE Adventures in the field of accommodation for English-speaking families (which is considered to be the most powerful linguistic tool in terms of learning English) is that it offers parents a unique package of services for their child, providing them with continuous 24/7 assistance, coordination with foster families who listen to their needs and an intuitive system of opinion review within the Hébé family accommodation platform.


In order to help you benefit from this effective and efficient linguistic tool in a smooth way, the Hebe team is available day and night to accompany each host family and each child throughout the world. In addition, we have host families waiting for your child's travel period.

Even more, in case your child does not enjoy the language exchange experience with their current host family, it is possible to move and start enjoying their English language learning tool again with d other English-speaking families available on our Hébé platform.

Finally, through an intuitive opinion system, parents can first rely on the experience of a large number of children and parents from different countries in various English-speaking families, in order to be able to have an objective, informed opinion. and reliable on the world's most powerful homestay language tool, which aims to accelerate your child's English learning.

So what are you waiting for to find the perfect host family for your son or daughter?

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