Total immersion to improve your child's English

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Total immersion to improve your child's English

Language learning methods have evolved today. One of the best ways to teach your child a new language is to do a language immersion stay on site, in the country whose language you want to learn.

We know: speaking English is an asset for children. Even if your child is taking classes in primary or high school, that is not enough... For a good command of English, the effective linguistic tool is to practice it on a daily basis. English teachers also say so. One of the most effective solutions is therefore a language stay in an English-speaking country, there is nothing better than 24/7 immersion!

For parents wishing to improve their child's level of English, accommodation in an English host family is the most complete linguistic tool for learning this language since the child will learn to communicate from a daily way throughout his stay by collecting information from native conversations of the English-speaking family who takes care of him.

English: an international language

The advantage of English is to be spoken in many countries. You can therefore opt for a language stay in London, New York, Toronto or even in Ireland. Everything is possible ! Whatever the level of your child and your budget, you will find the formula that will make him progress. The one that will also allow him to earn valuable points in the oral examination of the baccalaureate as well as to take courses 'all in English' in a business school. With a language course, your child will improve his level, that's for sure, but he can also have fun because leisure is an integral part of the language exchange formulas.

Did you know that Ireland has the youngest population in all of Europe?

Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for a language exchange abroad for children! The destination indeed has many advantages: the Euro as a currency, the proximity to France, the attractive prices, the green landscapes, or even the warmth and legendary hospitality of the Irish. It is very easy to settle there, and to enjoy it! It is not uncommon to extend one's stay.

Ireland can also boast of having the largest English-speaking population in Europe and expects to welcome a considerable number of international students.

However, all these data complete the picture and make this country the ideal place to study and learn English. With the majority of the Irish population being young and English speaking, it is almost certain that your child will make many native English speaking friends. There's no better way to experience a country and learn a language than to make friends in the country itself, and Irish people will help your child achieve these goals.

So, teaching your child English in Ireland is not just about spending the day at home. It's also about taking road trips through the emerald countryside to see the Giant's Causeway; it's all about chatting and singing the night away with English-speaking Irish people or spending an afternoon in a Donegal bookshop. Overall, learning English in Ireland can be all of this and more, it's up to you when you want to give your child the opportunity to start!

By going on a language exchange in Ireland, your child will be in the best place to learn English, the Irish are known to be friendly and have a good sense of humor. While in Ireland, your child will quickly find themselves talking to strangers on the street.

Hebe Adventures and English-speaking host families in Ireland

From our side, we will support you at every stage of setting up and monitoring your child's language exchange in Ireland, and we will ensure that your child gets the most out of your stay.

That said, if you want your child to learn English while living in Ireland, it is imperative that they stay with an Irish host family, known to be welcoming and warm so that they can have a pleasant stay. and learn the art of speaking English fluently.

It is in this sense that HEBE Adventures was created to facilitate the process of family accommodation in Ireland. Our company has proven through its experience that it is the best correspondence site to find you an Irish host family, whether for children or teenagers. You can thus let your child go with complete peace of mind since our Irish correspondents have all been approved and validated when they registered.

Indeed, all our Irish host families go through a very strict identification and security procedure when they register. You can therefore choose a host family in Ireland for your children with complete peace of mind, focusing only on areas of common interest. In this sense, your child will be able to take full advantage of his linguistic exchange with the English correspondent that you have chosen yourself according to your own criteria.

Plus, with HEBE Adventures, your child's language exchange with their Irish host family can be normal or intensive, at the pace you want. On the other hand, our host families in Ireland provide children with a complete package, namely accommodation and meals, organization of excursions and social activities as well as authentic cultural immersion in their lives. daily.

HEBE Adventures' reputation in the homestay accommodation business in Ireland is that it offers parents a one-stop shop for their child, providing them with 24/7 ongoing support as well as coordination with the Irish host family who are always attentive to the needs of their child.

Finally, through an intuitive feedback system, parents can draw on the experience of a large number of parents and children who have already stayed with a host family in Ireland, in order to be able to have a objective, enlightened and reliable opinion on your child's linguistic exchange with his future English correspondent.

HEBE Adventures is waiting for you to connect you with the dream host family for your child. Join us now!

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