Reasons and benefits of learning English as a family

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Reasons and benefits of learning English as a family

English is the official language of more than 60 countries and is the native language of more than 400 million people around the world. Although Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, with more than 350 million Spanish speakers, English has a great advantage in terms of prestige and usefulness in the world of work. For example, behind the United Kingdom, the country with the largest number of English speakers is Germany, with 46 million speakers. This country is followed by France, with almost 26 million, and as you would say in French, there is no better way to learn English than “apprendre l'anglais en famille ”.  

From an expert point of view, learning English as a family is an excellent way to improve children's level of English, since tomorrow it will open the doors to a better working future for them. This allows children the opportunity to improve their language skills while having fun and making new friends. Here we expose several reasons for you to begin to know the importance and repercussion for the future of your children:

  • Speaking English will give them access to a tremendous amount of educational, employment, and business materials that would not be available if they only spoke their native language. Also, if you are going to travel, study or work in other countries where English is spoken, knowing the language will make your life much easier.
  • Obtaining this learning also has many benefits in terms of your children's career. Many multinational companies require their employees to be fluent in English and certain jobs require a good level of this language. If they master the language, they will be able to apply for more jobs in the future and will have better chances of promotion when they start their career.
  • Also, learning English can help them get to know other cultures better and widen their social circle. By speaking the language fluently, they will have access to the literature, music, films, and other cultural materials of English-speaking countries. They will also be able to communicate more easily with other English speakers around the world, which will undoubtedly enrich their lives.

According to various studies, children learn better when they are surrounded by other children and when they are offered the opportunity to practice what they have learned in a relaxed environment. Learning English as a family is also a great opportunity for parents, as they can be involved in their children's learning process and help them improve their language skills and also contribute to making it richer and more rewarding. It is a way of learning in which children have contact with the language naturally.

In many families, parents do not have the opportunity to be as involved in their children's learning process as they would like, but learning English together allows them to be more present and actively involved in their education. In addition, the benefits of learning English as a family go much further, it is also the ideal time for the whole family to interact and spend time together, which is invaluable. The family environment is the best possible setting for children to learn a new language.

It can be an experience that helps strengthen family ties. Learning together requires effort and dedication, but the time shared during the process is really valuable and unforgettable for the little ones. From Hebe Adventures we offer you countless activities to do at home with proposals that range from reading books in English, board games in English and many more, which we will tell you about in future blog posts.

To reinforce the English learning that we give our children throughout the year, the ideal is to complement it with summer camps in English, or what we call summer camp English. There, students are not only surrounded by native speakers, but are also in a safe, affective environment where they can feel free to practice this language. By living with an Irish host family, children will have the opportunity to experience true Irish culture, from food and sports to festivals and traditions.

Through our English summer courses abroad (Ireland), students will be surrounded by native English speakers. Children will be able to learn vocabulary and grammar in a natural and effortless way. In addition, the Irish family lifestyle offers children the opportunity to practice English in everyday activities such as conversation, play and household chores. It is an unforgettable experience that will foster a love of the language and lifelong learning. The children will return home with a rich cultural background and a much higher level of English, which will serve them for a lifetime.

The benefits of learning English as a family are not only limited to the academic field. One of the advantages of your children having the opportunity to live with an Irish host family for a few weeks or even months is that they will be dared to explore a new country and will be able to interact with other cultures. This will also allow them to significantly improve their level of English and give them the opportunity to experience Irish culture first hand. We can assure you that living with a host family is a great opportunity to establish lasting friendships.

Through our summer camps, your children will be able to consolidate their knowledge acquired throughout the year and thus be able to advance in their learning. They will be able to interact with native people and will discover that they are able to speak the foreign language that they have studied during the rest of the year, which will be truly rewarding for them.

If you are looking for the perfect way to improve your children's English, we have the best solutions for summer camps for a true English summer and stays with Irish host families.

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