Molly Malone, the most famous statue in Dublin

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Molly Malone, the most famous statue in Dublin
Molly Malone, the most famous statue in Dublin
  • “Molly Malone” is an Irish folk song that tells the story of a young street vendor who sells fish and seafood on the streets of Dublin. The song is also known as "Drinkers and Mussels" and is one of Ireland's most famous traditional songs.
  • The lyrics of “Molly Malone” tell the tragic story of Molly Malone, who dies young of fever. The song is very popular in Ireland and has become something of an unofficial Dublin anthem. The tune is upbeat and catchy, and the story of Molly Malone has been celebrated in Irish popular culture for generations.
Who was Molly Malone?

Molly Malone is believed to have been a woman who lived in Dublin in the 17th century. She was known for her youth, her great beauty and for traveling the streets of the city during the day with her cart selling seafood. It is also said that she worked as a prostitute at night and that is why so many men courted her around Trinity College, where she is said to have moved.

History suggests that Molly Malone's life was short and tragic, as she died of typhoid fever at a very young age and is believed to have been buried in St. John's Churchyard. True or not, there is still a lot to say!

The Legend of Molly Malone

The legend of Molly Malone is one of Dublin's most famous. Since the news spread centuries ago that she was a good and kind woman with a double life, this has been told generation after generation and has been found in many books and songs.

It's unclear if Molly Malone actually existed, but there is one theory: a birth certificate was apparently found for a woman named Mary Malone, who died on June 13, 1699.

This information was more than enough to keep the legend alive. Every June 13th Molly Malone is celebrated throughout Ireland ! and their song echoes through the pubs as they raise mugs of beer to celebrate their history.

More information about the Molly Malone song

Molly Malone's Irish Song was written in 1884 by Scottish composer James Yorkston. It tells the story of how a fisherwoman drove her wheelbarrow through the wide, narrow streets of the city, selling live cockles and mussels.

Here is the most famous verse:

“In the beautiful city of Dublin
where the girls are so pretty
I saw sweet Molly Malone for the first time.
While he was rolling his wheelbarrow
Through wide and narrow streets
Shout: “Cocas and shells, alive, alive, oh!”

Many versions of this song have been made. Even Dublin singer Sidney O'Connor, may he rest in peace, recorded the song to spread the legend. However, the best known version is that of the group The Dubliners, which has become an important reference in Irish folklore.

The song is now considered an Irish anthem and is often sung by Dublin fishermen in their daily work. This just goes to show how important the legend of Molly Malone is!

Where is the Molly Malone statue?

The Molly Malone statue was sculpted in bronze by artist Jeanne Rynhart in 1988 to celebrate the centenary of the famous Young Fish Song . The sculpture represents a woman dressed in period costume, with a wide neckline and pushing a wheelbarrow.

It's more! They say that if you take a photo next to her and touch her breasts, you will see the city again . And it seems to be working, as it is one of the most sought after and photographed places in Dublin.

Today the statue of Molly Malone stands on Suffolk Street, next to St Andrews Church and very close to the Trinity College campus. You can't leave Dublin without taking a photo with her!

What to see and do near the Molly Malone statue

If you want to eat in the area, we recommend the traditional O'Neills Pub & Kitchen , a famous and lively place with views of the Molly Malone statue, whose specialty is beef stew with Guinness beer.

Another highly recommended option is a walk through the Temple Bar neighborhood , which is literally one block from the statue. Home to none other than the legendary Temple Bar Pub, this part of Dublin is one of the most vibrant and iconic places in the Irish capital .

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