The best board games to learn English

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The best board games to learn English

Learning English today is essential, from the little ones to the adults, we all seek to learn this language to improve our language skills. Well, there are fun and different ways to learn, so there are no excuses for not starting out in the wonderful world of the English language. How can we do it? Once again we turn to fun and a motivating factor such as: board games. You can do these games both at home and if you are in an English summer camp.

Currently, English has taken a leading position among languages and its learning is essential for children and adults, regardless of their age. Learning English in a relaxed and fun environment will make the process much more satisfying for everyone. We are used to using traditional learning methods, with experienced people to guide us from the past to a future with better language tools. In modern times we find new and innovative ways to achieve this by betting on new modalities such as board games, where we will enjoy the learning process.

Playing board games is an excellent way for us not only to learn languages, but also to strengthen the bond between family members, make new friends, spend free time and have fun. As one would say in French, it is an excellent apprendre l'anglais en famille.

Games help us relax while we learn other skills such as language, something that is always beneficial for both children and adults. Currently there are many recommendations about the best board games with which we can learn English. For this reason, we have prepared a fairly complete list to bring together all the best board games to learn English:

  1. Blurt!: A fun and educational game where players must show off their reading aloud skills by unscrambling complex words and proving their knowledge of the English lexicon.

  1. English in a Flash: These two games are specifically designed to practice American vocabulary, comprehension, and pronunciation.

  1. Apples to Apples Junior: This fun board game is based on the traditional classic but adapted to a younger audience with many cards that require basic knowledge of fundamental academic vocabulary to start learning English.

  1. 90 Second Inference: A game that combines the study of language with the ability to draw conclusions, to have fun while improving your comprehension with programmed visual challenges to achieve the best results in each round.

  1. Cricket Catch Phrase: A very popular and fun board game where players must try to guess words and code phrases before the rest, which will improve their listening skills when it comes to the English language. This game is very fun to play in a summer camp, you will have guaranteed success.

  1. Brainbox All Around The World: The fascinating cultures come together on a single board, where we can practice our retention and memory skills to get closer to the general culture in English as well as we can improve our vocabulary at the moment thanks to the varied topics with se include each of your tests.

  1. Sight Word Tonic: An absorbing game where the objective will be to decipher each image to recognize each word in English, its objective is to promote listening comprehension and improve basic vocabulary that includes the 300 most common terms to learn English.

  1. Late For The Sky English : A fun board game based on establishing associations between familiar words and phrases, helping players improve their verbal skills, grammar formation and auditable language levels.

  1. Relative Insanity Party Game: Fun reflection with everyday situations grouped from the "relatively" everyday to the "absolutely" wild, how? Listening to sentences, the words are simultaneously compared to guess which one is the funniest for the other players.

  1. What's It?: An interactive game ideal for children and adults that will help them improve their understanding of those more complicated words and phrases in English, its objective is to listen and identify linguistic features in a fast but always fun way.

In short, it is that learning the English language does not have to be boring. If we combine it with an activity where we can relax exposing our knowledge of the language, all that remains is for us to enjoy it to the fullest every time we put a good score on our scoreboard. There are many recommendations about board games and English to learn and have fun. Now we know that there is no excuse for not learning one of the most demanded languages in the world, English through games, you can do it!

Learn English with family or friends

Learning English with family or friends can be very entertaining and beneficial for the literacy of the smallest members of the house, as well as being an excellent hobby for adults. When we have a common goal, it transcends and is placed as the main emblem during all our meetings, so there is no better way to invite a fun time than by sharing a game. Whether with or without a time limit added to it, the requirement is to enjoy every second of learning because it helps us to remember new words every day.

On this route to English there are worlds of possibilities with educational games as main allies. Using them is the best way to motivate us to make the most of our free time and strengthen the bond that unites us with the other members of the family. From learning English from the basics to moving towards an intermediate level, there is a fantastic world behind all these games for those curious about knowledge. They are excellent to do at home with friends or to put into practice during English summer courses abroad.

Whether in digital or classic format, playing games can be a good method to enrich our vocabulary in a fun and relaxed way, playing with friends or as a successful pastime at home. So, the main challenge lies in its wide variety: hilarious words combined with practically insurmountable concepts make their way to us to make us feel satisfied that we have experienced new sensations while experiencing the magic of learning from a relaxed and enjoyable perspective.

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