The best school holidays in Germany and Ireland for children

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The best school holidays in Germany and Ireland for children

The best school holidays in Germany for children

In summer, life in Berlin takes place outdoors: the countless parks become sunny lawns and barbecue areas, open-air concerts fill the city with music and open-air cinemas thrill with blockbusters under the sky star. Both locals and visitors can let themselves be led or become active, the offers are almost limitless. The good weather during the summer months also provides fantastic opportunities for children to conquer the metropolis and experience adventures.

  • Bathing fun for little bathers

Popular summer activities for kids in Berlin often have to do with water, and not just because the outdoor pools invite you into cool water. Also the many lakes, which often have a beach on the shore and are supervised, allow unlimited wading pleasure. Not only the popular Lake Wannsee with its wide beach and shallow shore is ideal for children, Lake Müggelsee with its shallow water entrance also excites families. The waters south of the city have three official swimming spots.

Children can also get watercraft ranging from canoe to motorboat at the various rental stations. They can also rent pedal boats on many other Berlin lakes, such as the Tegeler See, and cruise comfortably on the water. The free water playgrounds, called “Plansche” in Berlin, are also very popular. In Friedrichshain City Park, elephants provide pleasant refreshment with a spray of rain from their trunks. In the Weinbergspark, Boxhagener Platz and Plänterwald, children can also let off steam with imaginative water games, operate the pumps and enjoy the refreshment.

  • Exciting tours for small animal lovers

Children can also experience Germany's only pandas in the Zoological Garden, while black and white bears are absolute favorites in the world's most species-rich zoo that makes animal lovers' hearts beat faster with okapis, rhinos, pygmy hippos and elephants. A farm where you can pet goats and ponies and an adventure playground provide even more fun. In the adjacent aquarium, children can see insects, amphibians and reptiles, in addition to extraordinary sea creatures.

  • Rural life in the big city

The metropolis of Berlin, which has several million inhabitants, offers young city dwellers many children's farms, where they can spend some time relaxing and getting to know farm animals and agriculture . THE   Dahlem Estate   was once a knight's estate, today it is run as an organic farm and offers many activities for children. Many parties attract with offers such as pony rides or carriage rides. In the former stable, the exhibition “Vom Acker bis zum Teller” (“From the field to the plate”) gives an exciting insight into agricultural and food culture. Butter production, bread baking or interesting facts about wool production are explained on the Lübars family farm. Children can let off steam in the neighboring adventure playground and amusement park.

The best school holidays in Ireland for kids  

Choosing to send your child on school holidays to Ireland can be daunting, so it helps to have friendly support to guide you through the process. This is where HEBE Adventures comes in! When you register your child for one of our language tools in Ireland, you will be entitled to the following services:

  • A wide choice of accommodation options (host families or student residences with supervision and support);
  • Guidance, support and advice for organizing your child's trip;
  • Recommendations on our special offers and discounts to optimize your budget;
  • Ongoing assistance and support before, during and after your child's stay.

The language tools in Ireland in a host family represent, for your child, the best solution, to discover the culture of the country in question while speaking a new language on a daily basis. He will then be directly in contact with a way of life that he did not know or knew very little about before. Orally, significant progress can then be noted from the second week of the stay in general. A very enriching experience from all points of view that your child will remember forever!

The selection we make to choose Irish host families is based above all on the network we have in Ireland which makes up our range of stays. Our local correspondents, present all year round on site, work intensively to select the families with whom your child will certainly feel comfortable during his language stay in Ireland. Our requirements and our seriousness allow us to offer you very high quality family language tools, where your child will enjoy while learning a new language.

At Hebe, our very complete range of language tools for children and teenagers allows you to make your choice throughout the year. You can be sure that your child will benefit from a program perfectly adapted to his requirements as well as to yours. You can go directly to our HEBE Adventures website to compare our language courses in Ireland.

Hebe's objective is to optimize the conditions for learning English through complete linguistic immersion in host families. Most of our English-speaking families are willing to help you arrange an English lesson or find an English teacher for your child, saving you the high cost of a residential course.

So what are you waiting for to find the perfect language tool for your son or daughter? Join us now.

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