Leprechaun, one of the symbols of Saint Patrick

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Leprechaun, one of the symbols of Saint Patrick

Irish leprechaun: discover all the secrets of the famous Irish symbol!

Even if you have never set foot in Ireland, we are sure that you have already heard of this character "The Leprechaun". Yes he is a leprechaun, the legend of the Irish leprechaun.

Modern Celtic culture has popularized a specific image of the Leprechaun with literature and film . It is a small being (90cm), dressed in green, with a characteristic hat and a cobbler's apron. ! Dwelling at the foot of a rainbow with its cauldron full of gold. It takes its English name from the Gaelic “luacharman“. He very often wears a 4-leaf clover on his leaf hat representing luck and good fortune and smokes a pipe.

What is he smoking in his pipe? We don't really know, but certainly something quite unusual and not necessarily good for ordinary mortals, we are talking about the Leprechaun after all! He is especially famous for his mischievous character and his ugly pranks because this creature seeks above all to protect his precious cauldron.

The Leprechaun or the Irish Leprechaun is described as a very lonely and asocial cynical character, always in a bad mood and a fan of dundees (a homemade liqueur). He's a bit grumpy from the Seven Dwarfs but Irish-style and much more of a trickster, as his hobbies aren't very recommendable. He considers humans to be greedy and foolish, so he doesn't hesitate to trick them by tricking them or stealing their gold and valuables.

This character has been used in many works like TV series and movies. He appears in some episodes of The Simpsons, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in Bones etc. It also inspired the horror film Leprechaun Origins, which further amplifies its somewhat borderline image.

Indeed, while some people describe him as a beneficial being, a kind of masculine fairy, he is also presented as the son of an evil spirit and a degenerate fairy (charming say so). But in the majority of cases, it would be a cynical little being, spending his time playing bad taste pranks (a prankish Irish leprechaun) and making shoes. He is also very attracted to money and has a cauldron full of gold coins which he jealously protects.

3 wishes if you see him!

According to legend, if you manage to catch this trickster, he will offer you 3 wishes in exchange for his release. Well that said, no one has yet managed to see or catch it despite many searches in the streets of Dublin.

Little tip: if you see this Irish leprechaun one day, don't take your eyes off it, because it seems that it disappears the second you take your eyes off it!

Irish leprechaun: the symbol of St. Patrick's Day

As seen previously, the Irish leprechaun is very easily exportable from a marketing point of view. Jovial and festive, it corresponds well to the spirit of the Saint Patrick festival on March 17, the national holiday. Saint Patrick, who died on March 17, 461, is considered the evangelizer of Ireland.

The Leprechaun or Irish leprechaun, dressed in green with a red beard, is one of the main symbols of Saint Patrick's Day. He is constantly present during the celebration and had a major impact on the course of the festivities. It is present on the gift cards that the Irish give each other. Dressing up as a Leprechaun has even become a tradition at theme parties.

The feast day of the patron saint of Ireland is considered a celebration of national identity. Thus, all Irish folklore and all that symbolizes the country are visible there. The Leprechaun or Irish leprechaun is one of the permanent figures throughout the festivities.

The Leprechaun being directly related to the Irish shamrock. This little detail makes all the difference to its importance and popularity in Ireland and around the world.

The Peculiarities of the St. Patrick's Day Irish Leprechaun

The Irish Leprechaun has certain characteristics that set it apart from other fairy creatures. First, it stands out for its small size. Generally, the Leprechaun does not exceed 90 cm. He is stocky, dressed entirely in green, and wears a cobbler's apron to represent his craft. He wears a top hat and buckled shoes. One of the particularities of this typically Irish creature is at the level of the genus. There are only male Leprechauns.

When it comes to his character, the Irish St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun doesn't do things by halves. When it comes to the Leprechaun, legends speak of a stingy, disagreeable being who smokes a pipe with foul smoke. He is constantly in a bad mood, which justifies his solitary character. He also has a cauldron full of gold which he hides at the foot of a rainbow.

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