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The success of language tools in language learning

By Famworld
The success of language tools in language learning

Today, speaking a foreign language has become an essential skill in the professional world. Being multilingual is an asset to promote within a company and elsewhere. Linguistic tools are then excellent means to learn a new language. These are valuable aids for quickly becoming familiar with the language. But what is the best linguistic tool of the moment? Follow our article to learn more.

1) What is a language tool?

In the international context of the 21st century, mastering several languages outside your mother tongue is a considerable asset. However, practicing a new language is never as simple as one might think.

Training and practice are essential to successfully complete the challenge. No matter how complex the foreign language to learn, there are countless linguistic tools to help you assimilate new things.

Terminologies, grammar rules, idiomatic expressions of the language… Everything must be mastered to perfection !

2) The success of linguistic tools for language learning

There are a wide variety of language tools currently available to help you learn and improve your   language learning. Many tend to think that a linguistic tool is not effective in learning the language, which is not the case!

On the contrary, it is a precious help to ensure a good command of the French, English or other language.

3) The advantages   linguistic tools:

Free access

A large part of the language learning tools are accessible for free, without the need to pay anything. You just need to have a good motivation to improve yourself day by day.

Paid learning platforms can be found on the net, with more advanced modules for those who are willing to pay a sum of money to learn.

Learning at your own pace

Using your own tools is a way to evolve at your own pace without pressure. Everyone can take small steps depending on their level and their availability on a daily basis.

4)   The best language tools are:


The great classic! Dictionaries are a great way to expand your vocabulary . They come in different types, some allow you to understand the meaning of words, others to work on spellings.

The terminological rules and lexical fields of each word are detailed there, with the equivalent in colloquial language, the acronyms and the synonyms.

If the objective is to enrich one's vocabulary, a unilingual dictionary is more effective than a bilingual dictionary. To learn the French language, a foreigner can, for example, bring a small Larousse containing up to nearly 60,000 words.

Reading comprehension and writing ability will also be boosted by the use of a dictionary.

Online translators and auto-correctors

An automatic translator is a more innovative and modern tool accessible to language enthusiasts. Linguistic tools such as Deepl or Reverso are of exceptional performance.

With their built-in features, these tools perform more accurate translations depending on the circumstance.

The automatic corrector, on the other hand, is a linguistic tool that detects mistakes, including punctuation and text style. Correctors are very useful   for the editorial staff . The majority of correction software offers settings in several languages to make your job easier.

Be careful, complex agreement mistakes may not be detected by this kind of linguistic tool, hence the importance of human correction.

Training, exchanges, trips

There are other, even more effective ways   to learn foreign languages. You have three options:

  • Language courses, within training establishments with a view to obtaining certifications according to level;
  • Online exchanges with foreigners speaking the language, nothing like communicating directly with virtual friends to perfect your art of language;
  • Traveling is also a great way to learn a language, through different countries around the world.

Language stays in Ireland for children from HEBE Adventures

The objective of Hebe Adventures is to help children progress in English through complete language immersion with host families in Ireland. Most Irish families in Hebe are willing to help you arrange an English course or find an English teacher for your child, saving you the high cost of a residential course.

Choosing to send your child on a language exchange can be daunting, so it helps to have friendly support to guide you through this process. This is where HEBE Adventures comes in! When you register your child for a language exchange in Ireland on our site, we provide you with the following services:

  • A wide choice of accommodation options (host families or student residences with supervision and support);
  • Guidance, support and advice for organizing your child's trip;
  • Recommendations on our special offers and discounts to optimize your budget;
  • Ongoing assistance and support before, during and after your child's stay.

Language stays in Ireland with a host family are the best solution for your child to discover the culture of the country in question while speaking a new language on a daily basis. He will then be directly in contact with a way of life that he did not know or knew very little about before. Orally, significant progress can then be noted from the second week of the stay in general. A very enriching experience from all points of view that your child will remember forever!

HEBE Adventures is waiting for you to organize a dream language stay for your child. Join us now!

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