Learning a language, advantages of summer courses

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Learning a language, advantages of summer courses

The study of foreign languages and in particular English today proves to be of fundamental importance in order not to find yourself at 30 years old at "the cat is on the table" level. Precisely for this reason more and more parents decide to enroll their children in summer courses where they can learn English through practice .

In reality, there are quite a few places available throughout Italy for learning English, and it goes without saying that there is no shortage of examples even outside the border.

The basic idea of the Summer schools in Italy is that by having fun you can learn more and better, certainly with greater pleasure on the part of the children who, already tired from an entire school year, need to play in the open air and meet up with their their peers.

What better opportunity to build the foundations on which your love for English can grow? But then let's try to understand together how they are structured and what the importance of summer courses for children is .

The importance of English

Learning English is now a cornerstone of the education of new and very new generations. Having mastery of this language, both written and spoken, means knowing how to communicate with anyone, being able to travel to all countries in the world without any difficulty and being able to find work much faster.

We know that now knowing how to speak one or more languages is essential to enrich your CV, and to tell the truth, knowing English perfectly is indispensable, whatever job you want to take on.

But the best way to allow children and even older children to learn English is a full immersion in the language and if you really don't want to proceed with a study trip with a considerable cost, summer schools in Italy are an excellent alternative. .

But what are the advantages and benefits that can be obtained from summer courses for learning the English language? Certainly allowing the child to come into contact with a language different from his own from early childhood means making learning much more natural for him.

Have you ever wondered why it's harder to learn a language when you grow up? The child's mind is like a blank sheet of paper to be written and only by offering him the right stimuli will it be possible to make him become a man or woman who wants to learn and expand his horizons.

Finally, children who are able to master bilingualism turn out to be children with a much broader vocabulary and a strong dialectic.

A study holiday is certainly one of the ways to offer full immersion in the language to both children and adults, but we know that it requires a considerable financial effort, in addition to the worry of having your child away from home for quite a few days.

But summer camps are organized throughout Italy which are able to embrace different age groups. The youngest children are old enough to go to kindergarten.

I know, my dear mother, you may be thinking that even at school the English language is taught to them from a very young age, but believe me that it is not enough, children need to be stimulated in a way that manages to involve them, otherwise they will not be able to learn the language optimally.

Summer schools in Italy are highly appreciated precisely because they are able to offer a large number of engaging activities that allow children and young people to get in tune with the language, the territory and refine their pronunciation by expanding their vocabulary.

A valid alternative to the often boring lessons are:

  • Fun activities;
    • Field trips;
    • Tournaments;
    • Team play.

In this way, English is no longer a subject to be learned from books, but a language of use.

Why choose summer camps in English in Italy

The first of the reasons that should push you to choose a summer camp in Italy over one in England is the price, the former are certainly cheaper and this is certainly not a small advantage.

For many it would be their first experience away from home and not being very far from it probably allows them to face it with much more serenity. Furthermore, being in Italy means that yes, the campus is taught in English, with native speaking teachers, but there is always someone on the staff who knows Italian and is able to help the children if they have difficulties.

Furthermore, there are so many cities that organize summer camps that in addition to studying, children can enjoy a real holiday at the seaside or in the mountains.

Finally, food, the structures in which the summer camps are organized offer a healthy and balanced diet, our classic Mediterranean diet recommended by all nutritionists.

The Italian offer not only offers summer camps for children, but there are also summer courses for high school students and university summer courses, but this certainly does not mean that there is a minimum level of English required.

You don't need a good level of English, after all the native speaking teachers will take care of introducing the children to it with interactive lessons but also with all the activities tailored to each age group.

It is obvious that hearing people speak only in English stimulates their understanding and also their ability to converse in the language.

Duration of a summer camp in English

In reality, the summer camps that are organized in Italy are rather short, but still intense in terms of the experiences that children and teenagers will be able to have inside them. Each shift lasts a week, but it is often possible to sign up for multiple shifts consecutively to deepen your experience.

A week is essential to begin to express yourself and understand English. 7 days to get familiar with English, but it's just the beginning.

But a summer camp is much more, one of the benefits that mothers often talk about is the change in children who, from being shy and closed in their shells, open up to making new friends outside of the school environment.

In short, a 360 degree experience that will allow the little one to mature in many aspects.

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