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Nowadays, Ireland is one of the most requested countries to learn English , many students from different parts of the world travel there every year to enjoy a vacation to study English in Ireland.

Since English is the second most widely spoken language in the world today, learning English as a second language is key for young people to access the labor market and open the doors to their future. Having a good knowledge of English is very important and useful to work and study , to establish relationships, to travel: it is, without a doubt, an essential way to feel part of the world.

One of the most important elements when deciding to acquire knowledge of a new language is to choose the way of learning that best suits your previous knowledge and your needs. You should try to find a stimulating way of learning that allows you to gain good knowledge quickly, so that you can apply your new language skills in everyday life. The best way to achieve such results is to go on a learning holiday to an English-speaking country , in order to capture all the possible variations and uses of the language by analyzing it both personally and professionally.

This is exactly why many foreign students choose Ireland as a perfect destination to learn English .

Learn English in Ireland surrounded by an impressive culture

Ireland is a wonderful island located in the North Atlantic Ocean, and bounded by the San Giorgio Channel, the Irish Sea and the North Channel, an impressive country, full of history, art and culture, and divided into four provinces with a strong culture and linguistic relationship.

Learning English in Ireland is an exciting and special experience . The island has many prestigious English schools, offering courses for people of any age, tailored to the students' initial language level. In addition, Ireland offers its students the opportunity to get in touch with its popular traditions, its history and its hospitable inhabitants.

In general, after attending classes at a language school abroad, it is very important to maintain direct contact with the culture of the host country, mainly for a better learning and understanding of the language and its use. Ireland is a perfect place for this goal : it is a welcoming country with a unique and varied natural landscape and the people there perfectly reflect the qualities of their country.

Studying English in Ireland is a fantastic experience, ideal for people who want to travel and discover a new country, learn a foreign language and enrich their cultural experience.

Once you choose Ireland for your language travel holiday, you will return home bringing with you a good grasp of the English language and memories of a fun and educational experience .

Learn English in Ireland with an Irish Host Family

In fact, the Irish are very nice, friendly and special people, affectionate with their traditions and culture, and eager to pass all this on to the students who visit their country . Each host family in Ireland is carefully selected following specific standards of reliability, friendliness and courtesy, with the aim of making the student's stay as pleasant as possible.

Irish host families are happy to exchange ideas with people from different cultures, and encourage students to make the most of their English learning experience by passing on the best of Irish culture , to make their vacation in English a unique opportunity to learn English. cultural and personal exchange.

In any case, if you finally don't like the idea of your children living with your family during your study holidays and you want to live your learning experience abroad independently, Irish schools offer a wide range of residence accommodation alternatives. , hotels with breakfast and shared or individual apartments .

Reasons to study English in Ireland

Several factors should be considered when choosing a country to study English. Many countries compete for foreign students to learn English in your country, so there are many options available to you and your children. At Hebe Adventures, we believe that Ireland is the perfect destination to study English and we would like to give you 5 reasons why this is true:

  1. Feel comfortable practicing your language skills among friendly people

Sometimes it seems like a cliché that the Irish are friendly , but it's generally true. There are of course exceptions, but in general you will find Ireland to be a country that is open to foreigners . In fact, it is now a very multicultural country where people of many nationalities and different languages are welcome. This is very important to practice your English skills because you will need to feel confident enough to speak with the Irish. As for the Irish accent, there are actually many different accents in Ireland, as is the case throughout the English-speaking world. Many people speak clearly, and the more you practice your English, the easier it will be to understand everyone.

  1. Ireland has a great selection of quality language schools

Whether you want to study and send your children to the bustling capital Dublin, or to a more rural setting, there are language schools to suit everyone . Each language school has experienced teachers and short or long term courses are available. Many schools also organize extracurricular activities and excursions for students to have fun and learn more about Ireland and its culture.

  1. Study English in Ireland which is in one of the safest countries in the world

When you or your children leave home and live abroad for a while, it is always reassuring to know that you will be moving to a place with little crime. According to many studies , Ireland ranks as the 10th safest country in the world . While there can never be any guarantees about personal safety, it is good to know that Ireland is a peaceful country and that you will be able to relax and enjoy your studies.

  1. Future employment in Ireland may be a possibility

Many multinational companies have their European headquarters in Ireland. Its location on the fringes between North America and Europe and its prosperous business climate have encouraged some of the world's most famous and financially profitable companies to locate in Ireland. If you or your children would like to work for one of these companies in the future, it could be advantageous to learn English in Ireland and become familiar with the country and its business environment . It is also very good that it appears on your CV that you have studied in Ireland.

  1. Ireland has a young population and your children will never be bored

Ireland has the youngest population in Europe, with 33.1% of the population under the age of 25. This helps make the country dynamic and interesting. Therefore, if you choose to study English in Ireland, you are going to enjoy a good social life . Every weekend there is a festival or event to participate in. Also, in your free time you can easily explore the island and its beautiful landscape.

Trains and buses connect all major Irish cities and smaller towns as well. There are also many organized tours to the country's tourist attractions. If you want to venture further afield and visit other European cities, Dublin Airport has frequent and sometimes cheap flights. It would be easy for you or your children to spend a weekend in Paris, for example, and be back in time for your classes on Monday.

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