What is a language exchange for children?

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What is a language exchange for children?

What is a language exchange for children?

A language exchange for children is a stay abroad to learn a language. It is generally accompanied by on-site language lessons.

There are several types of language exchanges. One of the most classic links two families, who take turns welcoming the children at home, for more or less long stays, ranging from a few weeks to several months.

Apart from language exchanges strictly speaking, language stays are multiple, and can take the form of language stays, internships, jobs, au pair stays, university stays, sports and language stays, etc.

What are the benefits of a language exchange?

Children sent on language exchange have the opportunity to live exactly like the inhabitants of the country they are discovering. A language exchange allows you to master the subtleties of a language, and to acquire knowledge of the culture of the country at the same time. The language then takes on its full meaning in its natural context. By talking day to day with natives, learning is faster and more natural.

Experiencing the language on a daily basis is a different experience from classroom lessons, and is one of the most effective ways to learn a language quickly. Linguistic exchanges are particularly suitable for students who already have a good level, but can also be recommended for students with more difficulty who wish to progress quickly.

How to start a language exchange?

Several structures can help you develop a language exchange for your child, starting with the school (middle school, high school, university, private school, etc.), but also the town hall, or even associations and private organizations.

A language exchange is possible from primary school. Middle school and high school students can thus benefit from the school partnerships set up by their establishment. In Europe, the Erasmus + program brings together all language exchange programs, including the Leonardo da Vinci and Comenius programs. Each parent must therefore approach their child's establishment to find out about the exchanges offered according to the partnerships established.

Participating in the Erasmus + program is also a great idea for students. This allows you to benefit from a particularly enriching experience, from a linguistic, human and cultural point of view. In addition, spending one or more years abroad allows you to discover another school organization, another type of education.

For whom are the language exchanges made?

To leave, it is not necessary to speak the language of the exchange country. Many children who participate in exchanges arrive in their new country unable to speak a few words or phrases. This is unusual for an exchange organization and is one of the fundamental points.

A good academic level is not the condition for success for an exchange with an international host family. What is important is the attitude and behavior of the children. Children must be able to accept and follow basic parenting rules.

Who do I contact for a language exchange?

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