Give the opportunity to learn English to your children

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Give the opportunity to learn English to your children

How to teach English to children? below are methods that really work to improve your English

Giving your children the opportunity to progress in English is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. It is much easier to learn a language as a child than as an adult, and the rewards are all the greater: in general, English speakers earn a better living, can access the most prestigious universities and have more opportunity to travel.

English for children, from 0 to 18 years old, is accessible to all thanks to multiple resources. You will find ideas for games, nursery rhymes, cartoons and books for babies and children.

Establish a learning routine

Whatever system you choose to teach your child English from an early age, it is essential that it is part of a daily routine.

Start by choosing a schedule that you will devote to this learning. Ask yourself what time of day would be best for your child: is it bath time? Before going to sleep ? Or during meals?

Prefer short sessions of about 15 minutes, especially for toddlers, but regular. Keep in mind that the important thing is consistency!

Make them interesting and fun: tell a story, read a book in English, or use an educational app designed for children.

Play games in English

Playful learning is always more effective, especially for babies and toddlers!

Sing nursery rhymes and songs in English

Free baby English can be accessed through simple methods like learning nursery rhymes and songs. Toddlers will become familiar with the rhythm and intonations of the language while assimilating new words, without realizing it and all in music.

Telling stories and tales in English

Nothing like a fairy tale before going to sleep! It is also a fun and effective way to teach English to children. The stories stimulate their imagination and develop their listening skills and, told in English, they will allow them to develop their vocabulary and get used to the language. Moreover, children are able to listen to the same story again and again, without getting bored and always with the same pleasure. And if it's with an illustrated book, it's even better!

Watch cartoons and videos in English

Like songs and stories, visual materials are an effective way to learn English for children of all ages. Free YouTube channels offer cartoons in English that will stimulate children's learning.

Learn new vocabulary every day

You can categorize English words and phrases by topic, based on what your child might be interested in, and create activities or stories around those topics. Here are some ideas:

  • Toys;
  • Colors ;
  • The days of the week ;
  • Shapes ;
  • Animals ;
  • The emotions ;
  • Clothes.

Hire an English-speaking babysitter

This solution could also work for you! If you need a babysitter, choose a bilingual or native person. You will kill two birds with one stone: your children will learn English thanks to the person who will take care of them in your absence. They will be like English lessons for the little ones, but the learning will be done in a more natural and progressive way.

In sum

Teaching English to your children is a responsible and generous initiative. And as you can see, there are a lot of possibilities: there are many methods and resources that will help you in this process, depending on your budget and your goal. By accompanying your child in his learning, you invest in his future and give him all the attention he needs.

Why choose HEBE ADVENTURES to help your child progress in English?

Hebe's goal is to help children progress in English through complete language immersion in host families. Most of our English-speaking families are willing to help you arrange an English lesson or find an English teacher for your child, saving you the high cost of a residential course.

Choosing to send your child on a language exchange can be daunting - that's why it helps to have friendly support to guide you through this process. This is where HEBE Adventures comes in! When you register your child for a language exchange on our site, we provide you with the following services:

  • A wide choice of accommodation options (host families or student residences with supervision and support);
  • Orientation, support and advice for the organization of your trip;
  • Recommendations on our special offers and discounts to optimize your budget;
  • Ongoing assistance and support before, during and after your child's stay.

Language stays in Ireland with a host family are the best solution for your child to discover the culture of the country in question while speaking a new language on a daily basis. He will then be directly in contact with a way of life that he did not know or knew very little about before. Orally, significant progress can then be noted from the second week of the stay in general. A very enriching experience from all points of view that your child will remember forever!

The selection we make to choose Irish host families is based above all on the network we have in Ireland which makes up our range of stays. Our local correspondents, present all year round on site, work intensively to select the families with whom your child will certainly feel comfortable during his language stay in Ireland. Our requirements and our seriousness allow us to offer you very high quality family language stays, where your child will enjoy himself while learning a new language.

In addition, with HEBE Adventures, your child's language exchange in order to be bilingual in English can be normal or intensive, at the pace you want. On the other hand, our English-speaking host families provide the children with a package of services, accommodation and meals, excursions and social activities as well as authentic cultural immersion in their everyday life.

HEBE Adventures is waiting for you to organize a dream language stay for your child. Join us now!

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