Discover Ireland studying English

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Discover Ireland studying English

Reasons to learn English

How many of us would like to speak an additional language besides our own? Learning a foreign language like English is increasingly sought after and desired in today's society.

English is such a useful, versatile language that is heard all over the planet that it is essential when choosing educational plans for both children and adults. In addition to the obvious academic benefit that we get from learning English, we find other fields where knowledge of this language will be very useful: in the professional field to improve our job possibilities or open our way to new opportunities, or simply as a hobby to better interact with people around the globe.

In this context, Ireland is a beautiful paradise in which to put our knowledge of English to the test. Located in Europe and ranking among the main tourist destinations in the world, the official language of this green island is precisely the one we want to learn.

Introducing children and adults to the world of the English language was one of the most brilliant ideas of the last century, it is a language that has become an indispensable component to achieve great success both academically and in the workplace. Listening and speaking another language, in addition to our own, brings new perspectives, improves communication skills and we have a better chance of finding work in other countries; therefore, learning English is not only important but necessary nowadays.

If you want to develop your knowledge of the English language… why not opt for something fun and interesting at the same time? In Ireland you will find plenty of options to test your language skills while experiencing the local culture. Here we present unforgettable places to learn English in Ireland, if you make this trip with a host family in Dublin, you better plan some of the excursions you want to do in advance.

The best places in Ireland to learn English

Dublin is the political and cultural heart of the Irish and offers a variety of activities for learning English, such as English summer courses abroad, either regular or intensive, in academies. Also visit the interactive museums where you can discover Irish culture while absorbing the new language.

In Galway you can enjoy a summer course with professional instructors, focused on both children and adults, where adjectives, verbals and even assertive speech will be explained to them. Also there you will find everything related to the Gaelic language and specialized courses to improve your oratory.

Limerick is an ideal destination with its impressive views over the River Shannon, being also ideal for an English course with all the necessary tools to improve your comprehension and oral skills; perfect for adults and children.

Visiting Blarney Castle we can enter the mythical park and discover the secrets of language thanks to its famous kiss. Here you will find fun-filled language courses where you can participate in interactive games, enjoy daily quizzes that will allow you to improve your daily grammar, as well as a section especially dedicated to girls and boys.

In Connemara you will be able to immerse yourself in the culture of the estuary by observing the incredibly varied local aquatic fauna, while training your speech carefully driven by incredible professional instructors who share knowledge, art and history of the island.

You can also delve into the heart of County Donegal when learning English, an ideal destination to instill in you a love of English with its beautiful green fields and its wonderful coastline as the setting for a cultural tour full of traditional anecdotes.

For those who want to work in Ireland but need to improve their same-day communication skills, Cork is perfect for that. Here you can find interactive workshops that will allow you to keep your head active while you enjoy the sounds, colors and aromas of the country with its delicious bars and restaurants, as well as guided conversations through which you will expand your vocabulary and speak it as the locals would.

Continuing the journey through Ireland to the south, in Coast you will find many options for learning English, such as one-to-one programs, where a native teacher will design a personalized course with a study plan adapted especially for you.

At Worropogue you will have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor classes in the incredible Irish nature, observing the beautiful green fields and mountains while improving your comprehension and fluency of the language, capturing all the details from beginner to advanced level thanks to the seaside facilities created especially for this purpose.

For those who want to spend an English summer learning English, Kilkenny also offers its camps with activities aimed at personal development. These camps will allow you to both develop your language skills and immerse yourself in the roots of Irish culture and its people.

And finally, if you want to complement your language activity with something a little more extreme, there is no better place than County Antrim, where you will find courses for those who enjoy water sports while improving their understanding of English and discover the wonderful shores going down along of the River Bann in Kayak.

Reasons to choose Ireland

The intellectual attractions of this country do not end there. Open to ideas, Ireland is also a place full of ancient ruins, religious buildings and incredible castles with which you can easily absorb its history and language. From the majestic Cork Castle in the south to the beautiful Achill Island to the west; or the lush Caledonian parks of County Donegal that will offer you a natural tour that is difficult to find.

In this beautiful destination you will enjoy while you acquire new knowledge of the language, where specialized summer English courses abroad abound, all of them taught by professional teachers who will be in charge of teaching you all the necessary linguistic tools to handle the language without any problem.

Now we can only invite you to live this incredible experience. Ireland is much more than beautiful landscapes: it is also a unique destination for the practice of English without equal. If you decide to visit it, we invite you to live the best stay learning languages and discovering the charm of the green island from beginning to end.

Ireland offers us endless opportunities to display our potential in this language, together with excellent landscapes and specially designed by professionals capable of guiding us throughout the learning process. If you are interested in learning English, developing yourself personally and discovering the most fascinating destinations in Ireland... What are you waiting for to make your dream trip?


This article will serve as a guide so that your linguistic adventure is fully enjoyed. Enjoy your trip to Ireland!

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