Valuable advice for parents who want their offspring to master English

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Valuable advice for parents who want their offspring to master English

Dear Parents ! If you are really motivated to make your offspring master the English language, look no further, this article is what you need! Carefully follow our valuable advice to the letter so that your child becomes fluent in English in no time.

1) The pedagogy of learning the English language

At first, you must demonstrate motivation, patience, imagination and perseverance. Teaching English to your child should be based on activities and games. It is important that the child does not see learning as an imposition, but as something fun and a common reason to share with you.

- Motivation: You will have to find time and space and you will have to transmit your enthusiasm to the child. Keeping in mind the reasons why you think it is important for your children to speak English will help you not to give up;


- Patience: Don't expect results from day one. Everyone reacts differently to learning and learning English is a long-term task that will take time. You have to be patient with the results, as the child will have to assimilate the new language along with their mother tongue, but don't worry, children have a special aptitude (especially at an early age) for learning;


- Imagination : You must arouse their interest and curiosity. They will learn more and faster if you surround their learning with imaginative activities. We will offer you a series of advice on the different possible activities, but you are the one who knows your children best and what arouses their interest;


- Consistency: You must show regularity. Make a schedule of activities to share with your child (for example, each week) and adapt them to your schedule and your child's possibilities. Logically, you will also have to adapt it to the circumstances. For example, it is not advisable to choose times when the child is tired, irritable, etc.

Secondly, you should encourage the learning of English language vocabulary, listening (comprehension of spoken English) and speaking (English pronunciation). Sections such as grammar are not recommended for a child who is starting to learn English.

2) Activities to teach English to your child

Activities must also be carried out with the child. It is not a question of leaving your child alone in front of the television with a series of cartoons in English, for example. It is about establishing a learning plan and following it with the child (by his side), motivating and guiding him.

- Flashcards with English vocabulary: Children learn a lot more when they associate words with pictures. You can download and print flashcards or display them on a monitor. Choose flashcards with basic vocabulary that the child can easily associate (animals, everyday objects, etc.). Don't try to teach your child a large number of words in a short time. It's best to practice with two or three new words a day (don't forget to review old words as well);

- Games (online and social) and video games: If the child already uses video games or online games (on his console, tablet or PC), discover the subjects that interest him and research or buy English versions of the games. Play with him and help him by interpreting the scenes or the words or by encouraging him to discover them by himself;

- Applications for learning English by children: There are many applications allowing children to learn English with their tablet or smartphone. You can easily search and download them from the app store or app download stores of Google Play or Apple store. It is recommended that your child use the apps with your help. It will be more enjoyable and easier for them to learn;

- Cartoons and series for children ; If the child is very young (one or two years old), choose children's series and cartoons in English. You will be surprised to see that the child is naturally attentive and becomes familiar with the new language (very early on, they are very attentive to visual images and dialogues are secondary for them);

- Stories and readings: If your child is very young, choose stories or comics with little text and lots of pictures. From time to time, repeat with your child some of the stories that he likes. Through repetition, children become more confident and comfortable and participate by telling the parts of the story they already recognize;

- Songs: Use simple songs, with a small vocabulary and rhymes that the child can memorize and repeat. You can sing along to music, like in karaoke, or play videos of children's songs and join in with the child singing the song. Play the songs in the background when the child is doing another activity and regularly repeat the songs he prefers.

3) Language exchange with an English-speaking host family in Ireland

We leave the best for the end, if you really want your child to learn English in a fluid way, it is imperative that he performs a language exchange in total immersion with an English-speaking host family known to be welcoming. and warm like Irish families, so that he can have a pleasant stay and learn the language with an English correspondent.

It is in this sense that HEBE Adventures was created to facilitate the process of family accommodation with English-speaking families in Ireland. Our company has proven through its experience that it is the best pen pal site to find you the perfect English pen pal, whether for children or teenagers. You can therefore let your child go with peace of mind since our English-speaking families in Ireland have all been approved and validated when they registered.

Indeed, all our host families go through a very strict identification and security procedure when they register. You can therefore choose a host family for your children with complete peace of mind, focusing only on areas of common interest. In this sense, your child will be able to take full advantage of his language exchange in Ireland with the English correspondent that you have chosen yourself according to your own criteria.

The reputation of HEBE Adventures in the field of accommodation for Irish families   thing is that she offers parents a multi-service for their child, providing them with continuous assistance 24/7 as well as coordination with the host family who is always attentive to the needs of their child.

Finally, through an intuitive feedback system, parents can draw on the experience of a large number of parents and children who have already stayed with a host family in Ireland, in order to be able to have a objective, informed and reliable advice on your child's language exchange with his future host family.

So what are you waiting for to give your child the opportunity to learn English via a language exchange in Ireland? Hébé Adventures is waiting for you, we are always at your service.

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